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Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Poll Position which conducts numerous scientific polls that have been extremely accurate in political races has a very interesting poll that was taken over the past few days during all of the media frenzy over the supposed allegations against Herman Cain. The poll found that Cain still leads the race with Romney remaining stagnant and Newt Gingrich closing the gap creating a three man race with all other GOP contenders well down in the pack.

Among GOP likely voters Cain holds a 24% lead over Mitt Romney's 20% with Gingrich climbing to 19% with a margin of error of 4% there is virtually a three way tie for the lead. Rick Perry is next in line at 7% with Ron Paul at 6%, Bachman at 2% and Huntsman at 3%.

Among Independents the results were much more specific in deciding a clear leader in the race. Independents polled who were likely voters in a GOP Primary or Caucus gave Cain a clear lead at 30% with Gingrich in the second position at 23%, Paul at 12% and Mitt Romney who is usually in the top three in fourth at 11%.

Another interesting result asked likely voters how they would vote with a head to head match of Cain/Gingrich against Obama/Biden. The poll which surveyed Republicans, Independents and Democrats had Cain/Gingrich at 44% with Obama/Biden at 43%.

Breaking down the poll further not surprisingly Republicans overwhelmingly chose Cain/Gingrich while Democrats did the same with Obama/Biden. With Independents who are a key voter group for victory in 2012 and also gave a majority vote for Obama in 2008, the news is not so good for Obama as 2012 approaches. Independents overwhelmingly chose Cain/Gingrich 46% to 34% over Obama/Biden.

All in all is seems the perceived scandal against Cain has not caused much damage for the GOP front runner and Obama is in bad shape with voters for reelection in 2012. Good news for we who understand that this election is for the salvation of America from Obama's destruction of Obama!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

Romnney can't seem to get above the low 20's. But that may be enough if the remainder of the conservative vote is split.

Sadly, that leaves us with a potential nominee whom most conservatives would have trouble getting excited about.

And I don't know if Gingrich could win the image war with Obama if he were the nominee.

1:32 PM, November 09, 2011  
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