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Sunday, November 13, 2011


The media loves to attempt manipulation by its so called reporting. They will use their ability to spin words to make anything sound appealing if it goes against their agenda or makes a politician the ideal candidate or elected official favorable regardless of record or beliefs. We witnessed media manipulation during the 2008 election when the media darling Barack Obama was given a free ride by the press and a completely unvetted nobody became President.

The love affair with Obama though continuing has faded somewhat since the last election but the press has latched on to another politician who they believe can be forced down the throats of voters like Obama was and as such become the media choice in a Presidential election. The difference this time is the media affair is not because they so much favor this candidate but realize their real media darling Barack Obama can beat him and even if he wins they get a President more to their liking than all the others running. This mew media darling it Mitt Romney.

Evidence the reporting after every debate thus far. Both immediate analyses, pundit spin and commentators opinion declare Romney the winner without giving any real substantive reasons as to why he won every debate and almost every description states that Romney and only Romney looked, "Presidential."

First, to the claim that Romney looks Presidential. How does one look Presidential? Kevin Kline looked Presidential when he played President Bill Mitchell and the naive Dave Kovacs in the movie, "Dave." But would you really want this Presidential looking man actually in The White House making decisions that affect all of our lives?

Michael Douglas looked very Presidential in the movie, "The American President," and even got a little testy in a press conference when he stated dramatically before the press cameras and the theatre audience, "I AM the President," sounding extremely Presidential. Yet would you want Douglas behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office deciding the fate of our country?

But according to all of the media pundits after every debate Romney sounds and looks Presidential with hair in place and gestures just right while speaking in carefully practiced tones making much quoted sound bites. But THAT does not a President make. Looking and sounding Presidential makes for good theatre and the media knows it so they play off on this as a means of making their media darling the Presidential choice for conservatives, Republicans and Independents.

Polling on the other hand show voters don't see it the medias way. Romney at best stays a stagnant 20% - 23% in every poll staying either second or third with polling among Independents dropping the media darling to fourth in most polls. A voter block that is necessary to win any election even Primaries where conservative leaning Independents make a difference in selecting GOP nominees.

Little is heard in the media about the real Romney that was Governor of Massachusetts. The Governor who pushed through Romneycare which was the blue print for Obamacare and very unpopular with conservatives and independents who favor repeal of Obamacare. Romney embraces his state passed baby yet claims to dislike and plans to repeal Obamacare if elected. Which is is Mr. Presidential looking one, do you like government run health care or not? No one in the media has called him on this and he gets a free ride when it comes to questions at debates as he is continually allowed to avoid Romneycare and claim to hate Obamacare.

Romney was for abortion then against it with no explanation. He was for increased taxation then against it with no explanation. He was for the Unions then against them with no explanation. He was for increased regulation in damaging environmental extremes now he's against them with no explanation. He believes in man made Global Warming but denies it when expedient during debates with no explanation.

Meanwhile the press gives him a free ride on answering any of his flip flops by accepting his avoidance of explaining his different views only to allow him to state just his current view and tout how his book explains his view. This is what the media calls Presidential, avoiding answers and making sound bites. They let Obama get away with this and now they let Romney do the same.

Obama and others in his administration have claimed Romney as the candidate they are most concerned about as a means of making him look challenging to Obama's reelection bid. When in reality the ONLY reason Obama would mention Romney in this manner is because he believe he can beat him. That is why the media touts Romney as the crowned nominee and constantly state he will be the nominee regardless of polling because they too know Obama can beat him and thus Romney becomes their media darling so they can push someone who will keep their first love in office.

These two facts alone should cause any voter who does not want a second Obama term to run away from Romney as fast as possible. If Obama AND the media favor him he is dangerous as the GOP nominee because he is very beatable and likely to lose. The media love affair with Romney will end if he gets the GOP nod as the press will rally behind their first love and seek to destroy Romney in the process to get Obama reelected.

From a principle stand point, Romney is the ultimate RINO which causees great pause with conservatives who understand his flip flop on the issues and see Romneycare as only a state version of Obama's national health care. If Romney supports one we understand he will support many similar eliminates of the other if elected to the Presidency.

Romney is not the principled conservative he claims to be and his record proves it. How he governed in Massachusetts shows without doubt how he will govern in Washington. He claims to be just a business man but in actuality he is far more politician than businessman and his flip flops and avoidance of real answers proves that as well.

No amount of media push of Romney can change the facts about this RINO. His support doesn't not grow because most understand who he is and are savvy enough to discover the truth about Romney's record without accepting the medias take and his looking so Presidential. We want someone who can BE President and not just look the part. Many Presidents have looked the part and failed in the job.

Admittedly Romney would make a better President by far than the pretender in the Oval Office now. But we are not at that point in the election process yet. There is still time to select a nominee who stands for the conservative ideals we need to fully restore our Nation. The media, the left and the establishment GOP claim a true conservative cannot win because they fear true conservatism and how when applied in government it shrinks the animal the left, the media and the establishment love so well.

A conservative can win and can change the direction our country is heading. Reagan proved it in 1980 when the media rallied around the establishment candidate George H.W. Bush and feared the true conservatism of Ronald Reagan. Reagan won and reversed the dangerous direction our country had taken then. Romney is the 2012 H.W.Bush. The RINO who allows the left, the media and the establishment to be comfortable. We need a true conservative and a true conservative can win. There is no need to settle with the RINO just because the media think he looks, "Presidential."

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Steve E said...

I've noticed in the debates that more questions are asked to Romney than ot all the other candidates. Michelle Bachman should just stay at home as the moderators only ask 1 or 2 questions to her rather than the 15 to 20 to Romney, Perry, and Cain. Newt is even getting little time. These are not fair and balanced debates.

8:39 PM, November 13, 2011  
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