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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Vilified as Nazis, racist, hate mongering evil and wanting to see the poor suffer in America the Tea Party became and is still the object of ridicule, hate and continuous condemnation by the left and especially the liberal press who have covered the Tea Party as if it was a radical right wing mercenary group rather than the grass roots movement against big government that it is.

Tea Party gatherings have been peaceful, respectful, honorable and regardless of the size in numbers have always left behind a clean and well kept venues whether in a building or in front of The US Capital. The Tea Party waves the flag with pride while calling for a return to Constitutional principles and traditions in which our country was founded upon. Never once calling for the end of America but only the return to limited government and the Constitution which created that limited government.

Love of country, love of fellow citizens and respect for traditional American principles prevail at Tea Party gatherings. But to hear the liberal press and left wing politicians and pundits the Tea Party is anti American and seeks the destruction of America and preaches hatred and racism.

Then appears the Occupy Wall Street crowd, praised by the left, backed by politicians who called for the Tea Party to, "go to hell." Begun by hate filled rhetoric from a President who has chosen to vilify wealth and the rich of our land and whose statements of contempt in class warfare have been the basis of the movement who also garner his well publicised support.

The Occupy movement has called for the destruction of Capitalism and praised socialistic and communist forms of government condemning our country our flag and everything America has stood for since the beginnings of our Republic. They have been far less than peaceful disrupting cities, business and even causing many small businesses who they claim to support to close there doors because of lost business and income due to the protests.

Many Occupy members have called for killing Americans, blowing up buildings and the destruction of property. Bill Ayers well known terrorist of the sixties and seventies responsible for the bombing of the Pentagon and the San Francisco Police Headquarters has been brought in to instruct Chicago occupiers on how to, "protest," as he did.

Disease and extreme disgusting health conditions have run rampant at all Occupy locations. Rape, criminal activity, filth, and the destruction of public and private property have been common place at all protests and encampments. Yet the liberal press and left wing politicians and pundits praise the occupiers and glorify them as patriots who are only exercising free speech and standing against, "evil."

If one were to listen to just the liberal media one would think the Tea Party were the destructive America hating radicals and the Occupiers the patriotic, loving peace movement who represents what America is. Everyday Americans standing for the Constitution and a renewed America whose traditions follow those of our Founders are condemned by the left and the press while those seeking Americas destruction while committing countless acts of violence and theft and destroying property are treated as heroes.

This is hypocrisy at it worst yet those who practice this hypocrisy see themselves as experts who know the mind of the American people and claim the people stand with the occupiers and hate the Tea Party. Yet average Americans avoid the crime ridden, hate filled occupiers and embrace the Tea Party whose values and beliefs are more in line with the vast majority of Americans.

Rudi Giuliani stated that the Occupy movement is owned by Barack Obama as it was his class warfare rhetoric that gave birth to the movement and his support that encouraged it. It will also be a chain around his neck as the election approaches and the Occupy movement survives into the election year as their destructive motivation, criminal acts and hatred of all that is American continues to show its ugly face to average Americans. It is then the lefts hypocrisy will come back to haunt them and their dear leader has yet one more nail is driven into the coffin of his defeat in November 2012.

Ken Taylor


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