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Monday, November 28, 2011


I have stated from the very beginning that Newt Gingrich would bury Barack Obama in a one on one debate. Newt's knowledge, political savvy and complete understanding of the issues as well as his attitude of obviously not caring how the media will spin him which allows him to say it like it is, so to speak, would show the world the real Obama and make the Idiot in Chief look like the total fool that he is.

Newts recent surge in the polls is a result of voters seeing his brilliance in the many debates that have shown the former Speaker as the most intelligent and knowledgeable of all the GOP candidates. On his worst day Newt shines in this above all others.

This video though comical as only Newt can be, throws down the gauntlet to Obama even to the point that Newt says Obama can use a TelePrompter in the debates. Obama will run as fast as possible from debating Newt as he knows he cannot hold a candle to him. Newt will not take Obama's, "No," as far as debating for an answer and will hound him as he states in the video even to the point of following him to every location Obama goes and rebut each speech within a few hours of an Obama visit. This I would not put past Newt.

Newt debating Barack Obama, NO CONTEST. Newt as President, an excellent answer to solve the disaster that has become Barack Obama and a leader who will restore American greatness and strength across the board.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

If Newt is the nominee, Obama will find some way to duck as many debates as possible.

And Newt's idea of a Lincoln-Douglas style contest will never fly with Obama.

I just got back from seeing Newt here a few moments ago and will do a write up later.

3:00 PM, November 29, 2011  

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