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Tuesday, July 05, 2011


The supposed great Obama recovery which as we all know is non existent has Obama's own economists finally admitting the truth about just how bad the so called stimulus that Obama and Biden are still claiming saved us from complete economic destruction. Few jobs were actually created and those thaT were fell into Union hands giving this massive Democrat donor base plenty of government money at the expense of the tax payer through the failed stimulus.

According to The White House Council of Economic Advisers the few jobs created by the so called stimulus cost tax payers, $278,000! Yes more that one quarter of a million dollars per job and almost all of it went into Union hands as a reward for supporting Democrats. The total tax payer out lay for these jobs was $666 billion dollars. Ironic isn't it that the number is three sixes.

Of course the number of jobs LOST far exceeds those gained by the stimulus as unemployment has risen and stayed steady above 9% for more than a year an a half with only a slight dip below 9% which only lasted about two months. When taking into account those that have just given up looking for unavailable jobs the true number is closer to 15%.

The Obama recession that is bleeding the economy and citizens dry is not affecting The White House as it was announced Obama's 450 aides will receive salaries totaling $37,121,463 this year. That equals $81,765.34 per job working for Obama. Not a bad salary during a time when most Americans are struggling to pay bills and keep food on the table due mostly to the economic policy of Barack Obama.

We have just celebrated the 235th birthday of our great Nation. The rumbling that you are hearing around the country is not the rumble of thunderstorms or the quaking of the Earth but the sound of those great men who fought to birth our land of the free, men like Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Franklin, rolling over in their graves in response to the policies of Obama.

Ken Taylor


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