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Wednesday, July 06, 2011


I like many of you found myself greatly disappointed in the verdict rendered in the murder trial of Casey Anthony the twenty something mother accused of murdering her two year old daughter Caylee three years ago. She was charged with first degree murder, manslaughter and child abuse along with four counts of lying to police. The Jury convicted her of the four counts of lying to police and nothing more.

Immediately the media, pundits and nearly everyone else began crying about how our justice system failed little Caylee Anthony since her mother who had already been convicted by many in the press and quite a number of Americans was found not guilty of murder. This is not the case at all, the justice system did not fail the prosecution failed to present a case which eliminated all reasonable doubt that Casey Anthony did in fact kill her daughter.

While I like many of you solely from her actions in the weeks before Caylee's body was found believe that Casey Anthony was much more involved in what happened to her daughter, our justice system did exactly what our Founders designed it to do. Casey Anthony though charged with the murder of her daughter was considered innocent until PROVEN guilty and the burden of proof fell upon the prosecution and they completely failed to present a case that proved anything other than Casey Anthony lied to police.

Jurors in the case were charged with deciding Casey Anthony's fate based solely on the evidence presented and not the cries of the media or the perception of those who had been following the case through the media. Jurors, as our justice system is designed to do, found in accordance to the evidence presented them there was reasonable doubt that Casey Anthony did not kill her daughter and as such found her not guilty of the charges.

Did the prosecution drop the ball? Most likely. They were so caught up in trying to get a first degree murder conviction they neglected to present a case that could prove anything except that Anthony lied to police. Was Casey Anthony involved more than appeared by the evidence presented by the prosecution? There is a strong possibility that she was based on her actions during the initial phases of the missing person part of little Caylee's disappearance.

But once again NOTHING was proved by the prosecution even using circumstantial evidence and the jury was left with no choice but to find her not guilty based on the evidence presented to them. Our justice system worked and the prosecution failed to present a case against Anthony that proved without any doubt she killed her daughter.

If Casey Anthony was more involved with the death of her daughter that is between her and God and she will receive what she deserves for it. We will never know what happened to Caylee Anthony but rest assured that this innocent little girl is safe in the hands of a loving God and she will never suffer again.

Was Casey Anthony a bad mother? This is likely but she was not charged with being a bad mother. She was charged with murder and manslaughter and the prosecution proved neither. Don't blame the jury or the system for the results of this trial. If you are angry with the verdict then place the blame where it belongs, on a prosecution team that failed to present the case they sought.

Out justice system worked. In this country anyone charged with a crime is innocent until PROVEN guilty and in this case it was NOT proven and as a result Anthony was found not guilty by a jury of her peers. If she did kill her daughter or was involved in her death in any way it is Casey Anthony who will have to live with that and not the jury, the failure of the prosecution or the justice system.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Vinnie12000 said...

1. I haven't seen or heard anyone, let alone "nearly everyone" cry about how the system failed. I have observed intense questioning and criticism of the verdict in the main stream media, however. What I've heard has been clearly in the realm of reason, whether I agree with that reasoning or not.
2. I think that anyone who paid attention to the trial knows that the prosecution proved far more than that Casey Anthony lied to the police.
3. The jury's decision was to acquit of all charges except lying to the police. Apparently, you conclude that that decision implies that that is all the prosecution proved. Most folks know that jury's don't always get it right, and often get it wrong (as many appeal decisions demonstrate), and so using the jury's decision to prove, as you seem to want to do, that the prosecution proved only lying to the police is circular reasoning and also naive. On the basis of your thinking, had the jury found Casey Anthony guilty of first-degree murder, you would conclude that the prosecution proved that particular conclusion beyond a reasonable doubt. So, by your reasoning, no matter what verdict the jury might have reached, justice would have been served. Ergo: All jury decisions are just and valid.
4. The case involved a huge amount of evidence and argument - some of it fairly complex. The jury deliberated but a few hours and apparently had made their decision by the end of the first day. It seems impossible that they poured over all (or even more than a very little of) the evidence and argument and also impossible that they engaged in serious discussion about the relative strength of the defense and prosecution cases. I could live with about any decision, but I would expect that a good decision would require a hell of a lot more work that the jury could have put in in just those few hours. The case wasn't a simple one.
5. To reason that the justice system worked because a verdict was reached is, in my opinion, extremely shallow and unintelligent reasoning. Had you pointed out the specific failings in the prosecutions case and how these failings did not amount to a good circumstantial case, I could accept or at least respect your conclusion. But you seem to want something for nothing: You seem to have done little or no real thinking or homework on the case, but nevertheless announce your grand conclusion. I'm afraid that sort of performance would not get a good grade even in today's dumbed-down high schools.
If you think justice was served, feel free to present your detailed and carefully reasoned analysis of the case and the verdict. Otherwise, play in the kiddie leagues.

10:30 PM, July 06, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly. The prosecution's murder case failed from the beginning with the autopsy finding of "homicide by undetermined means". Any defense attorney who couldn't make reasonable doubt based on that alone ought to be disbarred. I honestly don't understand how such a determination is even allowed. If you can't establish how someone died, how is it possible to say for a fact that it was homicide?

11:08 PM, July 06, 2011  
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