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Sunday, May 15, 2011


This weeks Sunday Commentary is short and to the point since it deals with a ridiculous myth being created by the left and especially the main stream media that Barack Obama is unbeatable in 2012 and the killing of Osama bin Laden just put him in the position of untouchable by any GOP contender for President.

First any bump that Obama received from the killing of bin Laden was very small in light of the event and second, that bump as small as it was is ALREADY gone only two weeks after The Navy Seals capped bin Laden in Pakistan. So the latest part of the unbeatable Obama myth has already been thwarted since the killing of bin Laden did not help him now and WILL not help him for 2012. It will only serve Obama as a cheap campaign blurb to get an applause from a hand picked audience.

The next part of the left wing unbeatable Obama myth lies in the idea that he has accomplished so much since becoming President. They tout health care which almost NOBODY wants, his increasing of the federal governments size and scope which again almost NOBODY wants and his supposed improvement of the economy which HAS NOT improved but rather worsened since he took office.

Presidents are re-elected because of voters satisfaction that the person who sits at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has proven he deserves another term and has accomplished good things for the country. Obama has done none of the above and the two charts that are shown on this post show just HOW bad things have been under the Obama Presidency. Nothing on these charts shows a President who the electorate wants to remain in office.

Unemployment has left millions of Americans out of work and the numbers on the chart do not reflect those who have already given up looking because of the unavailability of jobs as well as those who are greatly under employed taking part time because it is all they could find. Adding those two stats to the mix make the true unemployment figure around 18%. Not an electable figure for a sitting President.

The deficit and debt have sky rocketed under Obama and for a change the American people are paying attention to the ramifications this has for our country. Spending at the Obama rate worries Americans and that too is not an electable situation for a sitting President. This combined with the pain at the gas pump and an ever ignorant Obama giving loans to other countries to develop and buy their gas for our use while preventing drilling from our own sources which would LOWER gas prices positions a landslide victory against a weak and indecisive Obama.

The myth of him as unbeatable is being used to discourage voters from supporting anyone who has the ,"audacity," to run against the leftist media hyped messiah. The battle now that faces those who run against him is to make sure that they push without reservation the failures of Obama and constantly use Obama's own failed record against him.

Obama is a savvy politician who is a master of spin and lies and anyone who runs against him must overcome that by not being a gentleman or lady but tell the truth about how bad Obama's Presidency has been and follow Reagan's example as used against Jimmy Carter when he asked, "are you better off than you were four years ago?" to which the American public overwhelmingly answered,"NO," just as they will against Obama. Bringing the same results as Reagan over Carter, a landslide of historic proportions.

Ken Taylor


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