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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Whether it is a left wing media driven propaganda or real concern for the lack of a strong contender in the 2012 Republican Presidential field, it is still not the time to worry about our chances against Barack Obama in 2012. After all Obama is the best campaign ad the GOP has in keeping prospects strong for 2012. Even when he participates in something great like the killing of bin Laden he manages to bumble his way through it showing how inept he is as President.

There is much being said by the left wing media over the GOP field and the fact that there is not a clear front runner. Don't let that bother you because we are still early and the left wing media is looking for ways to boost a failed Obama and crash GOP possibilities to defeat him. So they are using this as a propaganda tool for Obama.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, Obama is doing a great job of keeping GOP chances for 2012 strong as he continues to bumble his way through the Presidency. Everything Obama says and does just ads new nails to his 2012 coffin as the economy struggles, unemployment stays high, gas prices continue to plague Americans and Obama's general inept handling of all the issues and every situation that comes his way even the after math of the killing of bin Laden. The little or no bounce he received shows this great event won't help him in 2012.

The GOP field has some good people running or potentially running and many are great conservatives whose stance on policy and the issues will go a long way as the months pass until the primaries. Herman Caine gained a great deal of recognition in the recent South Carolina GOP debate and until that point most had never heard of him but nearly everyone awarded the debate to him hands down.

Caine's win is just one example of how the GOP field can change and show that there may yet be a dark horse or a current candidate or possible candidate whose star may rise in the coming months to the satisfaction of voters and the defeat of Obama. The best example of how a nobody can rise to prominence in the primaries is the 1992 example of Bill Clinton.

Clinton was not only a dark horse but was so much so that almost no one knew who he was or what he stood for. Then came the New Hampshire Primary which was won by Paul Tsongas but a surprise second place finish by an unknown Bubba placed him in the spotlight and he surged to the nomination and the Presidency. So unknowns can come from nowhere and win even as the primary season starts in 2012.

It's much to early for anyone to count out anybody already announced or possibly announcing. We are a year from the primaries and a lot can happen between now an then. In fact the only constant we can depend on as the primaries approach is the same constant that has kept the GOP very much alive for 2012. The bumbling Obama will continue to fail and his ineptness will be a shining light for a GOP 2012 victory.

Ken Taylor


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