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Thursday, May 12, 2011


First let me state that this post is not my endorsement of a Gingrich candidacy for 2012. I have yet to make up my mind who I will back as the field is still forming although there are current candidates I like and yes, Gingrich is a man I like. I have several problems with him among those are his support for, "climate change," legislation and his willingness to compromise on issues that I consider no compromise issues.

But the reality is that Gingrich is a brilliant man and one of the most savvy and politically smart politicians in America and the world. He knows the issues and has a very deep and detailed understanding of our country and the problems we face with some very sound answers and solutions.

One thing that Gingrich brings to the table that will make this race extremely interesting is the fact that he does know his stuff and as such his being in the race will force all contenders to rise to the occasion in order to attempt to go toe to toe with Newt. He has the ability in a one on one debate to bury anyone who goes against him and that in itself will force the GOP field to be ready for the debates in a way never before seen.

He will have detailed answers for every question and his answers will make sense and show real solutions for today's problems. He is one of the most savvy in foreign affairs and his knowledge of the issues that face our Nation outside of our borders in second to none which will again force those who run against him to step up to the plate and know the world stage as well.

Whether he can gain the GOP nomination is yet to be seen. He has a considerable amount of baggage and has angered many conservatives over the years and I am among those who have been disappointed with some of his actions. While he is a strong Constitutional conservative he does have a tendency to compromise on some of he conservative principles that our Nation needs for the future.

At this point in the game because of the anger he has wrought by many conservatives, I don't see Newt getting the GOP nod. But it sure would be nice to watch him bury Obama in an one on one debate. Obama vs. Newt in a debate will rank right up there with the second Reagan/Mondale or the Reagan/Carter debate which propelled Reagan to two landslides. I will say this, though I have some problems with Newt, if he gets the nomination I have no doubt he would beat Obama and he would get my vote against Obama.

Ken Taylor


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