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Sunday, May 08, 2011


Americans are as a whole a patriotic people. There are many who, like me, wear their patriotism proudly and daily without needing a special event, victory or tragedy to rally us behind the flag and country. Many others love our country but are not as quick to express that patriotism unless a special event, tragedy, etc. Then there are those who use any reason to condemn the country whose freedoms have brought them success and allow them to voice their hatred of the very traditions and principles of liberty they live in.

When especially a tragedy, victory or other type event takes place Americans regardless of political beliefs or ideology rally behind the President as he leads our Nation through war, tragedy and other Nation shaking events. We tend to at least momentarily set aside our political differences and our problems whether right or left with the sitting President and support him as he does what we hope is best for our Nation.

In just the last few decades we watched our Nation rally behind George H.W. Bush as we launched Operation Desert Storm to remove Saddam Hussein from Kuwait. The elder Bush saw his popularity polls soar into the high eighties as Americans rallied behind their President. Bill Clinton sent troops into Somalia and Kosovo for and although both operations were not as popular with the American people as Desert Storm we rallied behind Clinton as his poll numbers rose into the upper sixties at the start of our combat presence.

George W. Bush experienced poll numbers that topped even those of his father during Desert Storm as we rallied behind him in the days and weeks following the shock then anger of September 11, 2001. We rallied first in tragedy then in resolve to get those responsible. President Bush experienced another rise as Americans rallied again behind him in the days that followed the capture of Saddam Hussein.

Now in 2011 we have experienced another of these historic Nation shaking events which bring out the patriotism in Americans as the brave men of The Navy Seals stormed the compound of Osama bin Laden and in a raid the lasted 40 minutes killed the most wanted person in the world who had eluded us for ten years. This momentous event while more a moral victory for our country than a strategic one brought with it a satisfaction like other momentous events that rally Americans to our flag and usually to our President.

Polling soon after the death of OBL showed while Americans were thrilled with the death of this scum of the Earth rallying behind the President as is usual for events of this magnitude was not happening. The more liberal polls were giving Obama almost a ten point bounce which is still very small while others gave him only a point or two with some none at all. If an average were taken Obama received about a three to four point bounce in the polls which considering the event is almost non-existent.

Why did Americans not rally behind Obama for this Nation shaking event like all others in our history that cause Americans to rally to the President? After all OBL was dead, America's best and bravest killed him in a magnificent military raid and the Commander in Chief gave the order to take him out, yet Americans as a whole were ho hum toward Obama and his part in the death of OBL.

I think the first reason for the lack of poll bounce for Obama in the aftermath of OBL's death came from the announcement of the raid and death itself. Americans love for their President at such times to speak of American exceptionalism and remind us of not only our greatness as a Nation but our ability to rise above every tragedy and gain any victory we set our resolve to.

We do NOT like a President to pat himself on the back in times of victory and this is exactly what Obama did. The majority of the speech entailed Obama telling the American people what he did and the orders he gave and the plans he approved and the intelligence he saw which gave him the information he needed to make the decision he made to send in the Seals he ordered to kill bin Laden.

We don't mind a Commander in Chief mentioning giving an order but to take almost ALL of the credit for something that had been in the making for ten years and then insinuating that it only happened because he ordered the CIA Director to make getting bin Laden our top priority. Something everyone knew was a top priority since 9/11 and then finding out that the intelligence which provided the link to this raid came BEFORE he took office from a source that his administration condemned and his AG was seeking to prosecute, namely enhanced interrogation, well this turned the stomachs of most Americans.

The days that followed the killing of OBL and how it was handled and the chaos that ensued as we continuously received differing reports and information told the American people that Obama had no clue as to what he was doing. As he and his administration began seeking ways to justify OBL's killing and almost apologizing for the way it happened this too drew the people away from Obama. Our justification for killing bin Laden was 9/11 and for that we had no reason to apologize.

Combining the inept handling of the announcement and the after math with the sad shape of our economy and the direction our Nation is taking at the hands of Barack Obama and it is no wonder the American people even in the light of this historic and momentous event did not rally behind Obama. His left wing media apologists tried to make the case that we no longer rally behind a President in such events. That is NOT the case it is that we saw no reason to rally behind THIS President who so desperately sought to take credit for something he did not deserve all the credit for.

Many have whined now that because of the killing of bin Laden, Obama is now a shoe in for 2012. If the election had taken place in the three or four days after, he likely would have been re-elected. But his little bounce is already wearing off and killing bin Laden no matter how much he uses it in his campaign, and he will use it, will not help him at all.

The American people are tired of Obama and tired of what he is doing to our country. The only bounce the majority of Americans want for Obama is the day we go to the polls and bounce him out of office with our vote. Obama's arrogance, ineptness and insecurity as President were his undoing when bin Laden was killed and it will also be his undoing when we vote him out next year.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Teresa said...

Great post! The problem is Obama made the killing of Osama all about himself instead of about our nation and Americans. He kept on saying "I" "I" "I" and that turns people off.

7:17 PM, May 08, 2011  
Blogger joetote said...

Hopefully he'll get a bounce, like one right out of the White House!

4:28 PM, May 09, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe everything Karl Rove and George Bush say because that's what a faithful Republican does. I hope Dick Cheney can get a heart transplant and win with Jeb Bush to finish the job.

1:34 AM, May 16, 2011  
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