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Wednesday, July 01, 2009


There is a considerable amount of misinformation that is being spewed concerning the,"coup," that has taken place in Honduras. According to the White House and the media which instead of investigating the situation has followed their usual Obama related practice of late and only echoed what Obama's propaganda machine expels, the ,"duly," elected leader of Honduras was over thrown in a military coup and Obama is joining with the United Nation in demanding his return to power.

The only full truth in the White House story that the press is so willingly telling is that Manuel Zelaya was elected as President in Honduras in 2005 taking office in 2006. While President Zelaya became buddies with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and as his actions in the last few days have shown, seemed to like the way Chavez handles his, "Presidency," because he attempted to do what Chavez did in Venezuela and make his term of office permanent.

Zelaya tried to force a Constitutional referendum which would have allowed him to stay President for life. When the legislative and judicial entities in Honduras balked at the idea Zalaya had his new buddy Chavez print referendum ballots for him and then distributed the ballots to force a referendum vote.

Human Rights groups, the Supreme Court and the military in Honduras encouraged citizens to stay in their homes rather than attempt to go to polling places and vote against the referendum which was being forced upon them by Zelaya. The groups feared strong arm tactics by his supporters which had been threatened if citizens voted against the illegal referendum.

The legislature and Supreme Court also ruled that the referendum was illegal and when Zelaya rejected the legal court ruling he demanded that the military join him in forcing through the vote. Military leader Velásquez sided with the legal findings of the court and was dismissed by Zayela which the court also found illegal.

The court order that Zayela be arrested for his actions, which he was and then was sent out of the country for his crimes against the legal authority of the government and his attempt to turn his Presidency into a dictatorship. This was not a coup but the military following legal and constitutional rulings to eliminate an attempt by Zayela to change the country from a Democracy to a dictatorship patterned after Venezuela.

And this is the man that Barack Obama is backing. Calling for his return to power and standing side by side with Hugo Chavez, Raul Castro and other petty dictators who are using the United Nation as their forum to call for the return of Zayela.

Obama does not see that following our Constitution is necessary in The United States so he backs Zayela who in like manner does not see that following the Constitution of Honduras is necessary. I hope that you who voted for Obama are seeing this man for who he is and what he truly stands for. If not then wake up and see what you so blindly allowed to become President of The United States.

Ken Taylor


Blogger RaDena said...

It's not surprising, is it Ken? After all, Obama doesn't even believe in the U.S. Constitution. *sigh* I am so tired of the BS from this administration!

1:15 PM, July 01, 2009  

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