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Sunday, June 01, 2008


Last week was another stellar week in the history of the Barack Obama 2008 Presidential campaign. First the on going flak concerning his association with the Trinity United Church of Christ and the now infamous video of guest , "preacher, " Father Michael Pfleger.

This was followed by John McCain's comments concerning Obama and the battle in Iraq. It is well known that the Illinois Senator, who has continuously called Iraq a failure and demanding an immediate withdrawal, has not visited the country for more than two years and well before the surge and the success that has followed.

Then Saturday, the soon to be nominee for the Democrat Party, resigned from the Trinity United Church of Christ only AFTER the heat had become to much for his campaign to handle and the polls have shown that his association with the church has damaged his popularity among even liberal voters much less likely General Election voters.

So once again with the continuing controversy that is surrounding the Barack Obama campaign, the inexperienced Senator who yearns to be President brings back the question of his credibility. Let's face it, had this been anyone else besides Barack Obama any of the controversies that have haunted him over the last several weeks would have completely derailed any other campaign.

But because Obama is such a hot ticket with liberals and the press he still receives a certain amount of free pass time that no other candidate would receive. That combined with the fear of being accused of making his controversies a , "racial, " issue because he happens to be a black candidate allows Obama much more leeway than anyone else. Remember if one speaks negatively about Barack Obama they are considered making a racial slur while he and his campaign are free to say whatever they please about either Hillary or John McCain or the President.

Obama's credibility as a candidate and especially as a possible President of The United States is highly questionable for several reasons. First the on going problems with Trinity United Church of Christ. Obama has been a member of the controversial church for more than twenty years and still has no recollection of any of the highly charged political rhetoric that has and is taking place in this Chicago church.

Whether Jeremiah Wright or any guest preacher, the politically charged and very racist atmosphere that has been associated with this church for the entire time that Obama was a member cannot avoid allowing anyone to believe that Obama not only listened to and heard the rhetoric but also found agreement because he stayed a member for more than two decades.

It was only AFTER the atmosphere and the preachings of Wright and others at the church became a political problem for Obama's campaign that the Illinois Senator even considered distancing himself from the preacher and the Church and when he finally resigned it was ONLY because his association with the church, by his own admission, was a political storm for Obama and NOT because he totally disagreed with what was being preached.

The next issue that questions Obama's credibility is Iraq. It is well known that Iraq has been a political fire storm and has been used by liberals as a means of trying to destroy the President and his administration. It is also well known that the surge has given an incredible reversal to the problems that had been in Iraq, reducing the violence, American and Iraqi casualties and as was reported just last week by CIA Director General Michael V. Hayden, Al Qaeda because of the surge is on the verge of total defeat and losing the ability to recruit because of their continuing shrinking areas of influence.

Obama has not visited Iraq for more than two years and yet still insists that the surge has failed and that Iraq is the same , "quagmire, " that liberals have insisted that it was from the beginning. This in spite of all of the successful evidence to the contrary.

John McCain has pointed out this fabrication by Obama and has actually challenged the liberal to making a trip to Iraq to see the success for himself. Obama has only indicated that he is, "considering, " a trip while his staffers try to spin McCain's many visits as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee as only politically motivated.

Obama also has a considerable credibility gap concerning his positions on foreign policy especially his willingness for direct Presidential talks without conditions with Iran' s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Cuba's Raul Castro , Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and last but not least Syria.

Intelligent, ( which obviously excludes Jimmy Carter), foreign policy experts consider Obama's approach to these thugs and rogue States not only naive but dangerous to the Nation and the world. Giving recognition to rogue regimes and dictators as well as appeasement as these thugs would use Obama's weak approach as a means of ratcheting up their influence and in the case of Iran use meetings with a sitting President as a cover for their continued Nuclear quest.

His call for The United States to seek , "permission, " from European countries and the United Nations to protect our own National interests is also considered naive and yet another area that questions the credibility of the Democrat nominee to be.

Yet liberals still hail Barack Obama as the messiah of the Democrat Party and the savior from the influence of , "cowboy, " diplomacy and failure by The United States to bow at the altar of the UN and Socialism.

Barack Obama credible as a possible Commander in Chief and leader of US foreign policy ? Not a chance ! Barack Obama credible with advisers who have been associated with him for more than twenty years and could have influence on the decisions of a possible President of The United States ? Never! The obvious implications of a Barack Obama Presidency and the failings that are already beginning to show their face through his weakness, credibility and naive approach to world issues combined with his Marxist/Socialist domestic agenda make Obama a danger that must be defeated in November.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

LOL Ken,

We couldnt make this stuff up if we tried.

This has to be the most hillarious election season I have ever witnessed.

And Rush Limbaugh with his "Operation Chaos", this is just to funny :-)

Great Post Ken

5:11 PM, June 01, 2008  
Blogger Gayle said...

Hi Ken. I don't disagree with any of your well-stated points here. But unlike Marie, whom I greatly admire, I'm not amused by this campaign. The very fact that someone like Obama is as close to the Presidency as this is nearly unbelievable to me! That so many Americans are willing to ignore his associations, his own writings and stated policy is scary. The man is a huge threat to our country.

I believe he needs Hillary and will probably name her as his choice for VP. If that happens then I believe the Dems will have a good chance of winning and we can sit here and watch our country go to hell in a handbasket. No, I'm not amused. I'm very, very worried.

10:48 AM, June 02, 2008  

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