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Thursday, January 10, 2008


Ron Paul's Blimp has arrived and is continually hovering over the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. While the media is focusing cameras and news crews keep looking up, the people around the venue are not paying the Blimp much attention. It seems the hot air from Paul is not of much interest to those who are here in support of the candidates.
Also large rally of , "Students for Romney, " gathered across from the Center for a rather lengthy rally and most remained and are still chanting , "Mitt, Mitt, Mitt, " while waving Romney campaign posters at all passers by.
Thus far other than a few Paul supporters who are VERY vocal and the Romney contingent, there have been no other rallies for candidates, which is in direct contrast to the large number of rallies at the last South Carolina Debate held in Columbia in May.
The Fair Tax people are gathering and preparing to march and we will be there as it happens.
Ken Taylor

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