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Thursday, January 10, 2008


Mike Sleenhoff and his family have converted their private Motor Home into a rolling billboard and campaign platform for Fred Thompson.

"If you dont wanna get noticed, dont clobber your motor home with Fred thompson stickers!"The family started their traveling campaign support in early June before Thompson had even entered the race. Shortly there after they began to follow Fred around the country logging over 12,000 miles and 16 or 17 states. Most 2 times.

Sleenhoff says" I think Fred Thompson shows consistency throughout his career. I dont think the other canidates can show the same."He also thinks that Fred is in it for the right reasons." i think He's (Thompson) is in it because he cares about the future of his country for his kids. Its not just another notch in his belt."

Mike Sleenhoff drove from Franklin Tennessee last night for support of Fred Thompson '08. The converted Motor home to campaign billboard was financed personally by Mr. Sleenhoff's because of his firm belief in Fred Thompson as the next President.

Ken Taylor


Blogger jft said...

If only all Americans had 1/100th of the belief and confidence of this family! It is a rare and find thing in this day and age =YOU are GREAT!!

I have worked with so many fine and talented people on www.DraftFred for 11 months--they too have the wonder and firm belief in FRED, the only AMERICAN who is ready and so able to LEAD the country as PRESIDENT in '08

4:31 PM, January 11, 2008  

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