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Monday, July 26, 2004

The Golden Child Speaks!!!!!!!!!! Bill Clinton and the DNC convention Part 2

And as Bill Richardson Tells us how great Hillary Clinton is, the crowd starts to liven up. This is the loudest i have heard them all night. And she begins the night by bragging about Bill, and quickly moves on to Kerry. There are positive speeches here by Democrats!?!?!?
Oh no!, to good to be true. Hillary then begins to speak about how bad it has been for the last four years, and then starts on healthcare agian. When will she ever learn to drop that old bag. No one wants HillaryCare! And even Hillary is talking about 911, but then agian, she offers no answers.
And heres the moment, Bill is introduced to Fleetwood Mac, and the crowd is on there feet. The crowd is wild, and Bill is full of himself. Big surprises. heh heh !! Bill delves into the 2000 florida thing and assures us that this time every vote will count. Even the dead people and convicts Bill ? Yeah, Sure, why not.
Even though Bill is speaking about globalization, he still has the swagger of the old days. As ive always said, hes the perfect political animal. But then the fatal mistakes are made by Bill. He once agian starts talking about how rich he is. What a redneck!
I cant take much more of this. Im going to bed. In short its all about Bill, with a little retoric in between. Bill is damning the tax cuts that he recieved, Hes damning the guns he keeps at his own home(on the hips of Secret Service Agents), and he still thinks that we still believe in the estimated surplus. Bill, alittle reminder here, there was never an actual surplus, and if there was, that means we were overtaxed. Plain and Simple. The word is projected surplus, not surplus. Bill, not only are your a bad liar, from what i here your a bad author also. With your resume, its a good thing your retired.
John Oliver Benton III


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