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Thursday, November 01, 2012


Since September 11, 2012 in the after math of the terrorist attack against The United States Consulate in Benghazi, Libya and the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three others, on an almost daily basis new information has been appearing that the official story of the Obama administration about what they knew and when they knew it has been a lie and wreaks of a massive cover up.  Now it appears that the smoking gun may have found its way into the public eye.

According to every statement by Obama, Hillary Clinton and every administration official who has spoken about the attack, there was no warning of any type that the Consulate was in any danger of attack or the possibility of terrorist activity.  The first indication that this lie was being fed to the American public came with the revelation by CNN of the journal of Ambassador Stevens found in the days after the attack in the rubble of the Consulate.  In the Journal Stevens indicated that he knew his life was in danger and he knew he was on a terrorist hit list. But this does not prove that anyone from the State Department or The White House had been informed of the threat against Stevens and the Consulate.

Catherine Herridge of Fox News who has been the leading reporter uncovering the lies and cover up over Benghazi has discovered an recently declassified communique cable from Ambassador Stevens to The State Department that outline in detail the threats and groups posing the threats to the Consulate a full THREE WEEKS BEFORE THE ATTACK.  In the communique Stevens outline several groups including the Al Qaeda affiliated group that eventually would claim responsibility on the day of the attack for the murder of Stevens and the attack itself.  He details training camps in Benghazi run by these groups as well as threats against the Consulate they were issuing.

Stevens goes on to state that intelligence from his sources in Benghazi indicated that an attack was being planned for September 11 and that the Consulate could not withstand a prolonged attack as the one intelligence indicated was being planned.  Stevens requested additional security and permission to move the Consulate to the Annex which was easier to defend and protect than the Consulate compound.

This places every report from Obama, Hillary and others in the administration that they knew nothing before the attacks in question and ads to the lie which was being stated for two weeks after the attack that it was a spontaneous action due to a previously unknown You Tube video. It also places into question Obama's claim that they did not know anything about a terrorist threat or plan for September 11, 2012.

Obama has also claimed recently that when he learned of the attack that he now claims came to his attention as the attack was taking place which in itself contradicts the lies he was telling for two weeks after the attack,  he issued an order to do whatever is necessary to protect our people in Benghazi. The first lie in this statement by Obama is that if he issued this order for protection who disobeyed it and why haven't they been brought forward for charges of disobeying a direct order from the Commander in Chief.  Also if he issued this order where is it?  As President every memo, order, note, letter, communique, statement, etc. is an official historical document and as such is available for public view and saving for its historical content. No one knows of or can find any order issued by Obama calling for immediate protection of personnel in Benghazi but there are several orders calling for all assets prepared to come to the aid of Stevens and the others during the attack to stand down.

With each passing day it is becoming more obvious that not only did Obama know, he watched the attack in real time from a video feed provided by a Drone flying over head and knew well in advance that that attacks were coming and did nothing.  He and his staff have lied, and continue to do so spitting on the graves on Ambassador Stevens, the heroic Navy Seals who sacrificed their lives saving others during the attacks and the fourth victim whose life was sacrificed for political expedience by Obama in order to protect his reelection and his political future. This one incident denies Obama any second term as President as he placed himself above his Constitutional responsibility to protect Americans, then lied about it with a massive cover up that is still being revealed.

Ken Taylor


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