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Friday, March 16, 2012


Barack Obama is a liar. We who have actually looked into this flim flam man have been warning of this professional liar since he first started running for the Presidency. Many are finally realizing what we have known for several years. Some are still duped into believing his lies. But the bottom line is that Barack Obama is a liar and this graph to the left proves it and that he KNOWS he is lying in order to push his bankrupting green energy agenda on Americans.

I spent a only five minutes on the web and found literally dozens of charts, graphs and articles that show Obama to be an absolute liar when he claims that The United States has only 2% of the worlds oil reserves. He has thousands more sources than I so this is a deliberate lie about oil. He whines that we cannot drill our way to lower gas prices and energy independence. That is what he wants everyone to believe because he hates oil, he hates that we are an oil based society and he wants to force his green energy down our throats with technology that is still decades away from being even feasible for mass consumption. But by perpetrating this lie and forcing the price of gas higher and higher by this lie and his energy policy he believes can make Americans give up our freedom abandon our cars, SUV's, trucks and follow as good little sheep the energy messiah into the nether lands of energy options that are still on the drawing board.

This graph shows in BILLIONS of barrels the KNOWN oil reserves available just on shore in The United States with the numbers of KNOWN available barrels off shore located in the lower right hand corner of the graph. This does not include the additional billions of barrels of untapped resources that have been put to a halt by Obama as he has ended ALL oil exploration in The United States by Executive Order. It is estimated that undiscovered oil just based on what is know to be available will more than triple the known reserves and some estimates actually multiply it 25 times. Enough to fit ALL of our Nations energy needs WITHOUT a drop of foreign oil for well over 100 years with much more discovery expected that would increase those years greatly.

This also does not include the hundreds of billions of barrels of oil shale which have also been outlawed by Obama for both research and development. His defenders say as President and Obama himself says he has no control over gas prices. Well let me correct this lie here and now. While he does not have any direct control over the specific day to day task of getting oil out of the ground Obama does have the ability to move the futures market in a lower direction by easing future demand and allow drilling in these untapped resources which shows a future supply increase.

When the price of a barrel of oil unexpectedly and quickly skyrocketed above $145 dollars while Bush was President he by Executive Order increased the leases of oil exploration and discovery on all government held lands and with the prospect of increased future supply from known sources on those lands the price of a barrel of oil began dropping in just a few days and within a few months dropped more than $60 dollars a barrel solely on the Bush Executive Order.

Since taking office Obama has reversed the Bush orders ending the lease increases and additionally has ended another 32% of leased areas for exploration virtually putting a halt to all new discovery in The United States. He has also ended all drilling on government lands and all offshore drilling. His claim that we are drilling more now than ever before is based on drilling taking place ONLY on private lands which in most cases is harder to reach and harder to exploit causing the cost of getting the oil to be much higher which equates to a higher per barrel cost than on government held lands.

So is Obama doing everything in his power to help the price at the pump as he says he is? Absolutely NOT unless it is to INCREASE the price at the pump then he IS doing all in his power to make that increase happen. He can also with a signature decrease the per gallon tax but of course he has NEVER favored decreasing any tax so that will not happen.

The high price of gas is directly responsible for increased cost of ALL goods as transportation cost have skyrocketed along with gas. We are an oil based society and Obama knows it but in order to force his green energy much of which equates to failed businesses that have benefited from and then bankrupted owing tax payer given money, he is willing to sacrifice the hard earned income of the American people to much increased gas prices to force us to bow to his policy and plan.

The price continues to rise, Obama continues to make campaign stop after campaign stop lying to the American people about oil and what he is actually doing. If this liar is reelected we as Americans will be where he has stated on the record he wants the American people to be, in line with the price of gas in Europe. If reelected by the end of the first year of a second term we will be approaching $10 per gallon at the pump and Obama will be sitting in The White House with a smile on his face knowing he lied his way to European Socialism and the bankruptcy of America.

Ken Taylor


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