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Monday, March 12, 2012


It has become an almost daily spin from pundits to many even in the Republican establishment that the reelection of Barack Obama is an inevitable foregone conclusion and that no matter who the GOP nominee is nor how bad the polls, the economy and how high unemployment is that Obama will be reelected.

DON'T FALL FOR THE SPIN AND THE LIE! No election is inevitable and that includes Barack Obama. Let's look at the facts. As a President he is a absolute failure. No matter how he or the DNC, his Hollywood buddies or the liberal media spin it Obama has taken this Nation down a path never intended by our Founders and his game plan of continuing to blame the previous administration for the condition of our country no longer plays to the voters and in itself is yet another lie.

Sure Obama inherited many problems but he took what was not the best of situations and multiplied its severity 100 fold from exploding the deficit and debt to increasing the size and scope of government more than ALL of his predecessors combined. He has spent his entire term of office apologizing for our country telling friend and foe alike that America is the root of all the worlds problems.

He has the lowest approval ratings at this point in an administration since polling began in 1947. He has been the most divisive President in our history playing class and race warfare blatantly causing a divide in this country that DID NOT exist in the manner that it now does before he took office.

He has appeased every enemy of The United States and emboldened those enemies to believe they can do whatever they wish without any worry as to whether the most powerful Nation on Earth will stand it their way or even defend itself from their deliberate acts of wanton violence and stand against our people and country.

No President has EVER been reelected with unemployment above 7% and even Obama's own economic team has admitted it will remain above 8% until well into 2013. His, "stimulus," plans rehashed many times over have cost America millions of jobs and put millions of hard working citizens out of work many unable to find work and just plain giving up on the non existent jobs market created by Obama.

Energy prices have sored since he took office and though he spins his feigned concern over the cost has done absolutely NOTHING to quell the high cost whether at the pump or at home but rather increased cost across the board by pushing his alternative energy agenda as the only means to combat ths cost fully knowing that NONE of it will be viable until decades down the road.

He has forked billions of dollars which have been wasted on companies that fit his energy agenda only to see them bankrupt after hard working tax payer money has been thrown away on companies that were known to be in financial trouble BEFORE the money was allocated by the Obama administration.

The media, pundits and yes even the GOP establishment would like voters to believe that Obama will have a billion dollar war chest that will be impossible to beat when it comes to spending on the campaign trail. If that were true then why does he spend most of his time raising money if it was actually flowing in as much as is being portrayed.

Also why would he inform both Pelosi in the House and Reid in the Senate that a sitting incumbent President running for reelection will ONLY have one fund raiser for each chamber of Congress because he is having to spend so much time raising funds for his own reelection he has no time to spend campaigning or fund raising for the under tickets. This is a sure sign that his campaign is struggling.

Obama is extremely vulnerable and it seems that he is the only one who actually knows it as he is spending almost all of his time campaigning. Every stop whether an actual campaign visit or official Presidential visit is nothing more than another in a long line of Obama campaign appearances which have been non stop since he took office.

None of this are the actions of an unbeatable candidate whether an incumbent President or any other office seeking reelection. The unbeatable Obama is a MYTH that is being forced down our throats by a campaign that KNOWS it is vulnerable and not popular with voters. The plan is to convince voters that Obama is so unbeatable that they will see it as a moot point and not show up at the polls in November because after all, what's the use since he's going to win anyway.

My fellow conservatives and voters who do not want this absolute failure and danger to our country for a second term, DON'T BUY INTO THE LIE! Obama is not inevitable. He is very vulnerable and struggling in his reelection bid. We can and will beat this usurper who spits on the Constitution with just about every action he takes in the office he currently holds. All we need do is show up and vote and we the vast majority who want him out will do just that. Boot this embarrassment and failure out of The White House and fire his miserable self for the disaster he is responsible for.

Ken Taylor


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