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Tuesday, November 02, 2010


The wave which will return Constitutional sanity to Congress and the country back to the people is starting off on a great not. Rand Paul Tea Party favorite has won the Kentucky Senators race picking up a seat for Republicans. Additionally Dan Coats has picked up the Indiana seat which was vacated by the retiring Evan Byah which is also another pick up for Republicans.

The night is young and the GOP has already gained two Senate seats with one which was considered a given also called for Republicans. My own South Carolina conservative Senator Jim DeMint has won reelection by a landslide against a hapless candidate Alvin Greene.

In House races which are still not called in states that have just closed polls, Republicans are showing large leads throughout House races. The tidal wave has started and this one will be a massive Tsunami! Continue to follow The Liberal Lie, throughout the night for constant updates as we take our country back!

Ken Taylor


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