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Tuesday, November 02, 2010


The troops have boarded the transports. The Airborne is parachuting behind the lines and the beaches are about to be stormed as D Day 2010 begins. All that can be said has been said. Now it is time to vote and fellow patriots today is going to be a conservative tsunami like never seen before in our Republic.

I believe the pollsters have underestimated the anger against Obama and Dems who have taken our country down a path never intended by our Founders. TODAY we send the message that we the people DEMAND freedom and will not allow progressives to destroy our beloved Republic. We will take our country back today.

My official election prediction is 65-70 seats in the House and possibly more. I do not agree with the pundits who give Democrats a majority in the Senate. Again I believe the polling models do not take into account the extremely large primary turn out for Republicans which shows a much higher energized conservative electorate than most models take into account. I also believe the models do not consider just how energized and angry voters are.

So with that in mind I see 10 in the Senate. Close races like Nevada, Illinois, Colorado and West Virginia will go GOP. I also believe the wave will take California which would give the GOP a possible 11. Many even Rasmussen are down playing the Senate which I believe is a mistake and a misread of voter energy and anger. I also predict a GOP sweep in Governor races.

Barack Obama and Democrats will not know what hit them. I can tell you though what will hit them. WE THE PEOPLE will hit them with the message that we want and DEMAND our freedom and will not allow progressives to destroy our beloved Republic. We will take our country back TODAY.

But fellow patriots do not stop the fight with this election. Celebrate on Wednesday and then Thursday we the people will hold the feet of those we elect to the fires of liberty and make them accountable at every turn to the one true Constitutional authority, the people of The United States of America. God bless and save our beloved Republic!

Ken Taylor


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