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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


First it was the obvious terrorist attack killing 14 at Fort Hood, Texas which the Obama administration has yet to admit was a terrorist attack though all of the evidence proves it. Now both the terrorist and Al Qaeda have claimed terrorist responsibility for the failed bombing of Northwest flight 253 and the Obama administration refuses to use the word terrorist to describe the event.

The failed attack took place on Friday, Christmas Day, and it took four days for an official response from Obama. Janet Napalitano, Homeland Security Secretary, claimed that because the attack failed, the system worked. Is this woman crazy, stupid or both ? No only did the system fail completely but had it not been for heroic passengers the plane would have burned from the attempted attack.

When the administration finally reacted, and the key here is, "reacted," the people who fly are being punished rather than those who planned the attack. Now passengers cannot use blankets, pillows and must keep in their seats for the last hour of an international flight. This type of lame reaction does nothing more than give the terrorists a victory, even for a failed attack because it is we who suffer and not them.

Obama's only response was to call for an investigation and his, "resolve," was to bring those involved to accountability. Whatever happened to hunting these killers down who are making acts of war against our Nation, finding them and eliminating them ? Oh yes, I nearly forgot, under the Obama administration terrorism is once again a criminal act and not an act of war.

With Obama at the helm when it comes to terrorism we have once again become weak, an easy target and reactive rather than proactive. The Bush Doctrine was to eliminate terrorists before they had opportunity to attack us. This proactive action kept The United States safe as there was not an attack on our homeland after 9/11 and the institution of the Bush Doctrine.

Obama has been in office less than a year and made terrorism a criminal act once again and we have experienced two terrorist attacks on our homeland. One successful and one failed ONLY because of the failure of the terrorist and not the success of the system. The obvious weakness of Obama is being taken advantage of by the enemy and unfortunately I believe that what we have witnessed so far is only a test and that more attacks will follow now that Al Qaeda and other terrorism groups see how weak and vulnerable we have become under Obama.

Where once we had a resolve to defeat this fanatical enemy there is caution and rhetoric. Where once our strength and military power was eliminating an enemy who sought to kill Americans there is indecisiveness and appeasement. Where once we as a people could wake every morning knowing that our Nation was protecting her people, we once again wonder when the next attack will take place and where.

Yet Obama stands before the press after he spends several days on the golf course contemplating how to placate this evil enemy and deceives the American people with hollow promises of safety and protection. His actions and weakness since taking office have shown our enemy that they once again can attack Americans and get away with it. That they can once again use our freedoms as an opportunity to exploit our vulnerability. And the President sits back and relaxes in Hawaii.

Ken Taylor


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