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Sunday, August 23, 2009


His numbers are crashing. The numbers for his party are crashing. The American people are rising up by the thousands in protest of his agenda, especially health care. But if you actually listen to what is being said by protesters, health care is only part of the protest and in actuality only the catalyst which sparked an uprising that has been brewing for months.

But does Obama care that the American people are standing against him and protesting what he is doing and the direction he is trying to take this country? Not in the least! In fact rather than even try to listen to what the American people are saying he and the leadership within his party especially Congressional leadership have chosen to demonize more than half of the American people and sought to fight the will of the people.

Never before in our history has an American President taken a rock hard stand against the will of the people. Never before in our history has the voice of the people been demonized by a political party and the President that leads that party. Why then, if Barack Obama is the, "compassionate," man of the people as he has always tried to portray himself and the bringer of ,"hope and change, " to all Americans, again a portrayal that he has put forth.

Why would this man whose ego thrives off of the admiration and worshipful response to his mere presence from the people, why would this egomaniac risk his popularity by attacking and going against the will of the very people who he has sought so hard to deceive and trick into bowing before him ? Simple what he is doing and what he has always PLANNED to do has nothing to do with the people other than to gain control through government of every and all aspects of American life.

For that he does not need to be popular. He does not need to be worshipped. He does not need to be idolized, he just needs enough political capital in Congress to force through his control and turn freedom loving Americans into subservient wards of his socialistic created government. A government which leaves nothing to chance in its control of the people and whose influence over the people affects everything from health care to energy.

If his agenda is actually broken down into the legislation already passed and the legislation that is currently before the Congress to be taken up in September as soon as the August recess is over, every move that Obama has made and plans to make is all about control and the only way to gain that control is to ram it through Congress is any fashion that can be passed. Even if the legislation is not exactly as Obama would want, it must be passed in some form so that his all controlling foot is in the door to force through the remainder of the agenda of control at a later date.

Let's look at what he has done to date individually and what is still pending and how each has sought and /or seeking to control the American people through his agenda.

The Stimulus - this $787 billion dollar disaster was forced through so fast that neither Congress or the American people new what hit them until the particulars began surfacing after Obama signed it. This ," stimulus," package has stimulated NOTHING as unemployment has risen well past the 8% that Obama claimed would be the peak if his package was passed. The largest control factor that this package produced is through the millions sent to each state. In order to receive state money from the stimulus the state was required to spend the money on specific projects dictated by the federal government. Projects that would be regulated and controlled by the feds even when the money was gone and state taxes will have to be raised to continue to pay for the government mandated and controlled programs.

The take over of Chrysler and GM - this was one of the most obvious control moves made by Obama. He fired GM's CEO and replaced his with one of his own choosing. In both companies bankruptcies the government in exchange for an infusion of money gained majority control of the company whether through direct control or majority Union ownership and is now dictating the type of vehicles manufactured and the direction that both companies are taking. All the while claiming that the government was not in the car business to deceive the public while controlling what the public is able to purchase through the companies.

Cash for Clunkers - touted as the greatest stimulus every conceived by the government because of the response that it prompted, CARS has been a total disaster from the beginning. A bureaucratic nightmare which sold over 400,000 cars, but dealerships who participated in the program are struggling more then ever as millions of dollars of inventory already purchased are tied up waiting for reimbursement from the government. While the dealerships sit holding the financial bag. Thousands of American are saddled with loans that many could not afford just like in the mortgage debacle that collapsed last fall. But Obama succeeded in this disastrous and deceptive program to get the type of cars on the road that he wanted so he could control what Americans bought and drive.

Cap and Trade - this debacle is being sold as the savior of the environment as it supposedly controls emissions of companies, especially those that provide energy like coal burning plants. The emissions control supposedly comes through one company purchasing credits from another whose energy emissions are under the government mandated emissions standard. Thus the name ,"cap and trade." In reality this disastrous legislation, if passed, will control the energy out put of every major manufacturing company in the country while doing nothing for the environment. Additionally the tax imposed by the cap requirements would increase energy costs significantly to all Americans. Obama through this debacle would have control of both industrial and individual energy usage as well as a large portion of the economy through this energy control program.

Health Care - this is the largest push to control the people of the entire Obama agenda. Through this one initiative if passed, Obama would control on fifth of the American economy. But more importantly through the program government would gain access and control of the health decisions and the means of health care for every American in this country. The government option would eliminate through regulation all private insurance as employers would be fined if the private company that they offer does not provide the same as the government option. So rather than pay the fine employers would drop private insurance forcing employees on the government plan and eventually a government controlled single payer plan will be all that is available in the country. A plan that Obama has repeatedly supported, though recently denied to deceive the people from seeing his true goal which is total government control of health care.

This explains Obama's arrogance and his demonizing of the majority of Americans who now oppose his agenda. He does not care in the least about what the people think or whether we support him or his agenda. His goal is control and his avenue for this control is to ram it down our throats whether we like it or not. As a result WHAT we say about it makes no difference to him. He does not represent the people, he represents himself and the socialistic control that both he and the left have sought for this country for decades.

The only way we have as Americans who love freedom and are angered by the control grab taking place under Barack Obama, is to continue doing as we have done during this August recess. A point in our history which future generations will study and proclaim in the same manner as we study and proclaim the stand that our forefathers took against tyranny and control that gave birth to our Nation.

We must keep the pressure on Congress. We cannot waiver in our opposition nor our anger toward this soft tyrannical take over of our rights and freedoms through government control by Obama and the Congressional leadership. It is only through our continued protest at every and all opportunities both during the remainder of the recess and after the Congress resumes in September that the will of the people will prevail. The pressure that we create for our Representatives and the fear of losing their jobs that we show will prevent Obama, Pelosi and Reid from passing the remainder of the this agenda of control.

They do not care what we think, but the majority of both Chambers of Congress do and they also know that we still have the power and authority to destroy each of them as we fire their miserable tails next November. We can win this war which Obama has declared against the people because the voice and will of the people still prevails in our Republic. We must continue to stand as one and with our stand tyranny will fail and freedom will be victorious.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

"Why would this man whose ego thrives off of the admiration and worshipful response to his mere presence from the people, why would this egomaniac risk his popularity by attacking and going against the will of the very people who he has sought so hard to deceive and trick into bowing before him ?"

Because I think he believes that he is some sort of god and can do anything, even put forward such radical plans, and still have people adore him.

He's finding out the hard way that that is not the case.

To paraphrase Abe Lincoln, you can fool Obama voters all the time but not all the voters all the time.

4:59 PM, August 23, 2009  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Right on the mark Mike. He is a believer of his own hype and also arrogant enough to believe that he only knows what is best for American an NOT the American people.

6:19 PM, August 23, 2009  
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