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Sunday, August 16, 2009


When Barack Obama was first inaugurated as President many on both the left and the right suggested that we all, "give him a chance, " and support our new President. From a personal stand point I supported the office of the President but could not support what THIS President wanted to do and the direction that he planned to take this Nation. He has since more then proven that my opposition of his policy from the very beginning was completely justified.

I did say though, that if Obama did anything that I agreed with or that I should give him credit for I would do so. So first, let me give Obama credit for doing something that has been needed in this country for a long and much over due time. His agenda, especially his health care push has ignited a powder keg of strong and vocal opposition to Washington and has finally awakened the American people to an out of control government that has been allowed to grow uncontrolled for years.

The slow and unrelenting slide to a socialistic over bearing federal government has been taking place for decades. Barack Obama has by his extremely radical agenda been escalating this slide into an avalanche and the center piece of that avalanche is health care. If he succeeds in passing Obamacare the United States government under liberal socialistic leadership will gain control of one fifth of the American economy, but more importantly access and manipulation of the lives of EVERY American.

The powder keg that it has ignited has shown signs of explosion many times over the last several years. During the Bush administration the fuse was lit during the push for the amnesty bill but when that was defeated the people once again fell into the complacency that has been a part of the problem with out of control government. The fuse was lit again last fall when bailouts became the, "answer," to the mortgage collapse and rather than exploding against government as a whole the election simmered the fuse and Obama was elected because of hype and a campaign that played on the anger toward Washington with a deception that lured in a majority of voters.

After taking office Obama began pushing and passing the most radical agenda in American history. Spending money we do not have creating deficits that are not only unsustainable but will financially indenture our children to the government for generations to come. All the while claiming that his agenda would, "save," America and correct the problems of the past. The shock of his radicalism momentarily caught the American people off guard as we watched in horror trillion dollar spending and deficits discussed almost casually in the news and press briefings.

The fuse was being primed and the powder keg was placed in just the right position for the inevitable explosion and it came with the push for Obamacare. The American people exploded with an opposition that has not been seen in this country in this manner before as average Americans are standing up against this socialist take over and both Obama and his partners in the Democrat party have been caught off guard and as a result are lashing back at the opposition.

Where this explosion differs from other smaller episodes is that the reaction by the President and the party in charge is actually intensifying the anger and as a result expanding the opposition. The American people are not stupid and the administration as well as Congressional leaders are treating us as if we are. The arrogance being displayed is becoming their undoing and their defeat.

Rather than acknowledging that the people are against this socialist debacle, the President and most of Congress especially the leadership have chosen to demonize the people. Average Americans who are fed up with government and fighting for freedom in the greatest traditions of the American people. Standing against a tyrannical push that threatens the very life of our Nation which are the freedoms that we have taken for granted for years and we now finally understand that if we do not take this stand our freedoms could very well disappear.

One protester at a Town Hall in Pennsylvania told turn coat Arlen Specter that Washington has awakened a, "sleeping giant." Which is exactly what Obamacare and the radical socialist agenda has done, awakened a sleeping giant in the American people who are standing against government and the administration exercising our Constitutional right to dissent and also our Constitutional authority to demand that those we hire follow the will of the people.

And the will of the people is that we are tired of our of control government growth. We are tired of deficit spending. We are tired of agendas that mortgage the future for our children and grandchildren. We are tired of being told that only government is the answer and we like good little followers should just sit back and let the elitist power hungry bureaucrats decide what is best for us and how we should spend our money and live our lives.

The anger that has erupted over Obamacare is real. The staged town hall meetings that Obama is performing for are not indicative of the reality of the true opposition and anger that the American people are expressing toward his radical agenda. Ignoring the people and accusing average Americans of being unAmerican because of dissent will not change the fact that the will of the people is in direct opposition to Obamacare and the rest of his socialist agenda.

In fact demonizing average Americans standing for our rights and freedoms will only succeed in increasing the anger. Which in itself is good because is allows more Americans to awaken to the truth and stand with we who are already awake. Obama and the Congressional leadership did not count on the ability of average Americans to see through their lies and call them on their deception. They have declared war on the American people and the people will win.

The arrogance of Barack Obama will result in his attempt in the fall to partner once again with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and try to ram Obamacare down our throats. The battle for freedom is just beginning and Obama has yet to see and hear the full wrath of the American people who are fed up with what he is doing and the direction he is trying to take this country.

While I feel confident that Obamacare is going to fail because of the fear that many in Congress have of loosing their jobs if they vote for it, I am also confident that the arrogance of Barack Obama and the Congressional leadership will continue to push this radical agenda. This will be their demise because the sleeping giant sleeps no more.

To the President and Congressional leadership I say this. We are not asking, we are not requesting, we are demanding that you follow the will of the people. We are the Constitutional authority of this Nation not you. You have drawn the line in the sand with your false accusations and your arrogant elitist attitude. We the people are standing for our freedoms and we will not allow you to take them away through your radical agenda. Your fifteen minutes of control are over and it is time for you to listen to your boss because your boss is ticked !

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must admit that I am surprised at the way America is standing up to Obama and his policies and bill. I thought that when he won, people were going to continue in this blind faith in him but that is not happening and for that I am so grateful. Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe we are finally waking up and demanding the return to the America that veterans have fought for. One that we can be proud of! We are the heart of this country and I think Obama is finally starting to see that!

6:41 PM, August 16, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama and the Obamatons are NOT YET seeing the will of the people against their proposed Socialist policies. From what I just heard this AM on the National Government-Supported Socialist Radio, The Annointed One is STILL stumping around the country, trying to make his "case" for HELLthKare.

We've got to keep on hammering our Kongress Kritters. Especially now, that there's been proposed a new "compromise" in the form of "cooperatives". This new agenda is just an end-run-around, that would eventually accomplish the same thing as the original bill.

NO! NO! NO! No gov't involvement in health care, in any form.

B Woodman

9:46 AM, August 17, 2009  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Jenn - Never underestimate the power and will of the American people. The people have made this country and the people will stand for freedom when freedom is threatened as Obama is doing.

While the people are awakened, Obama still sleeps. His arrogance and that of his cronies will not allow them to accept the truth and that they are in opposition to the people and that is and will be their demise!

B. Woodman - Amen! Also don't let this deceptive misdirection about, "dropping the public option, " fool you, ( I know it won't). It is a political move to quell opposition and try and brace up Obama's sagging numbers.

10:31 AM, August 17, 2009  
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