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Friday, August 07, 2009


John Cornyn (R-Texas) says:
“President Obama is now looking like a mere mortal, as opposed to someone who previously exceeded gravity.”
Obama is only a mere mortal? WOW! What a shocker! (ear-to-ear grin)
From "World & Nation". Emphasis is mine:


WASHINGTON - President Obama and top Democrats vowed yesterday to push back against angry critics of their health-care overhaul, who have threatened to hijack the debate by disrupting town halls and other public events convened by Democratic lawmakers this week. The harder they "push back" the louder the American people are going to become and the further Obama's approval ratings will fall. So go ahead and push back, Democratic lawmakers, and see what that does for you.

And speaking of Obama's Falling Approval Rating:

"After 199 days in office, President Barack Obama has a 50 – 42 percent job approval rating from American voters, down from 57 – 33 percent July 2 to its lowest level since Inauguration Day," the press release from Quinnipiac reads: "Voters disapprove 49 – 45 percent of the way the President is handling the economy and disapprove 52 – 39 percent of the way he is handling health care, but approve 52 – 38 percent of the way he is handling foreign policy.

Way to go, Obama. Please keep up the great work!
Now for something to tickle your funny bone... sort of! A huge hat tip to Nanc for finding this. Please read her post at the link and then go turn yourself in:

RaDena - Blasting Caps And Dynamite


Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

RaDena - the numbers are crashing, his agenda is failing and the people are ticked. What else to those who support him have to see in order to understand that this guy is worthless ?

8:05 AM, August 07, 2009  
Blogger RaDena said...

He's not only worthless, Ken, he's downright evil as evidenced by the fact that he thinks partial-birth abortions are just fine and dandy!

8:58 AM, August 07, 2009  
Anonymous Reaganite Republican said...

These shameful episodes of the DNC dismissing Obamacare opponents as paid shills -even running disengenuous TV ads to slander them- while SanFranNan is halucinating and seeing imaginary Swastikas- should make clear to anyone just what these far-left elitists think of your opinion.

Note that whenever Obama, Emanuel, or Gibbs are asked about why polls show SO many people oppose their misguided Cap-n-Trade and Obamacare proposals, they ALWAYS segue-right-into “we need to educate the public…”.

LOL- save your breath- Constitutionally-aware patriots don’t take lectures from Marxists.

9:18 AM, August 07, 2009  
Blogger RaDena said...

No, we certainly don't take lectures from Marxists, RR, as is becoming all to obvious even to the nutjobs in this administration!

2:33 PM, August 07, 2009  

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