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Friday, March 27, 2009


I wish that someone in our own government would lash out with the truth to Barack Obama as Daniel Hannan did to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Hannan railed at Brown for doing exactly the same thing that Obama is doing in our own country, trying to borrow and spend to end the recession.

Hannan stressed the stupidity and irresponsibility knowing that it will not and cannot work. Bankrupting Great Britain as it will also bankrupt The United States.

Hannan was the special guest on Hannity's program on Fox News. In addition to his inspirational speech to Gordan Brown and by proxy since few of our representatives are willing to lash out with this same truth to Barack Obama, Hannan warned and actually pleaded to our Congress to never permit nationalized health care. A program that Obama is already making moves to impliment.

Citing the massive failures and the tremendous cost to British tax payers, Hannan warned of the dangers of nationalized health care for both the advancement of medical care and the treatment dangers that it creates for patients.

Brits face long waits for necessary medical treatment and lack proper perscription availability because of nationaized health care and as he put it, "no contractual agreement," between the patient and the provider which limits care and endangers the patient.

I hope that many of our own representatives have and/or will listen to Mr. Hannan and stand up to Obama with the truth as this conservative British patriot did to Gordon Brown.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Gayle said...

I heard Mr. Hannon's speech, Ken, and good for him! I wish he'd defect to America and tell Obama off. Someone sure needs too!

6:49 PM, March 27, 2009  
Blogger Rob said...

Pretty funny video. Of course, Mr. Hannan's views have proven to be wildly wrong in the past.

Here is a piece he did several years ago in which he is talking about how Iceland's economy was booming because of it deregulation and privatization.

Do you have any idea how bad Iceland's economy is now? It's currency is now essentially worthless and it is a country that has essentially gone completely bankrupt.

But hey, if you want to follow the guy that is up to you. I'd rather live in a country that has a functioning economy.

We saw a 500 point gain this week, Wall Street firms loved the Geithner/Obama plan for dealing with the toxic assets. The bank CEOs met with Obama today and pledged to work with the Administration on his plan. There is certainly a growing sense of optimism in the economy by most folks in the know.

11:22 PM, March 27, 2009  
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