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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The bill was passed Friday. We have been told as a means of instilling fear to get the bill passed that the dire state of the economy is so severe that this pork filled bill had to be rushed through in order to get the economy moving. So why then is there a four day delay in signing ?

Is it because Obama, as he promised would post the entire billion on the White House website so that the American people could review it before he signs ? After all this was one of his many promises of transparency. Well once again yet another promise broken because this massive socialist bill is NOT posted on the White House site. In fact the bill has yet to be available for total public review anywhere including for those who voted on the bill in BOTH chambers of Congress.

So transparency is not the delay. But putting on a big show for the Obama official socialist bill ending free market capitalism is the true reason for the delay. Notice that in the interim, the economy which was fear mongered by Obama as on the verge of collapse if ANY delay took place, is still running and still functioning.

The show for the signing is the same location used for the great Obama descending from the heavens before the Greek columns to accept the nomination from the Democrats. Denver, Colorado is the location of the signing of the beginning of Obama socialism.

So while whining of the pending doom of our economy, Obama is climbing aboard Air Force One, which will be followed by the back up plane. Preceded by the C 130 cargo planes carrying two Marine One helicopters and the Presidential fleet of limos and SUV's for the Secret Service. All at tax payer expense spending millions of dollars for the Obama show to sign a bill that could be signed easily in Washington DC .

But then again spending our money means nothing to Democrats especially Obama. He just returned from a date weekend with Michelle in Chicago at tax payer expense. So traveling to Denver just to sign a spending bill is no big deal for Obama. As many pages as the bill contains it will likely need it OWN transport plane!

Obama promised hope and change and that is exactly what he is bringing. Slowly but surely Americans are hoping that he will not destroy our country with his appeasement and socialist agenda. And Obama is changing the Presidency from a revered and powerful American institution into The Barack Obama Circus and Revival for the worship of the arrogant liberals messiah.

Ken Taylor


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