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Friday, February 13, 2009


Bill Richardson, Tom Daschel, Nancy Killefer and now Judd Gregg. Barack Obama can't seem to hold on to his appointees. They either quit because they won't pay taxes or are being investigated for ethics. Or as is the case with Gregg, the appointee just can't abide by the Obama agenda.

In trying to save some egg on the face, an Obama spokesman stated that Gregg had approached Obama about the post which is not that case because when it was announced that Gregg, a Republican was being considered for Commerce, the media and the Obama people were singing the praises of the messiah and how by, "picking," Gregg for Commerce, Obama was showing how diversified and bipartisan his administration would be.

But now that Gregg has seen the light and realized that he cannot be in the cabinet and support Obama's agenda and that Obama was stealing the census from Commerce, to try and cover Obama's liberal tail, they spin that Gregg asked Obama for the post rather than the other way around. Yep, real transparency here !

This once again emphasises the total incompetency and inexperience of Obama as President. He is not only neglecting to vet his appointees as with Daschel and Killefer over an obvious problem like tax evasion, but he did not even talk with Gregg enough to know that there were fundamental differences between Gregg and Obama on policy and especially the way that the census should be handled.

A matter that Obama, in moving the census to the White House is violating the Constitutional principle that the census is above politics. Thankfully the GOP is making moves to take Obama to court over this, which should result in making the census legal once again by taking it away from Obama and returning it to the people.

Obama stated after Daschel quit, that he carried the responsibility and , "screwed up." with the appointment. If Obama holds true to this statement then he needs to get on television every day and talk about his, "screw ups," which continue mounting everyday !

I have never heard pundit discussion after only just under a month in office making reference to an already failed Presidency. Even Carter was not considered as failed until at least one year or more into his truly failed Presidency. Obama by most accounts has already made the record as the quickest failure in history !

Ken Taylor


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