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Sunday, January 25, 2009


Call it political expediency, keeping a campaign promise, appeasing his left wing constituency, whatever you call it issuing the order to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is not just risky but a sign of a President that either has no clue or just does not care. The risk that Obama is taking with the closing is not a personal political risk because it satisfies his liberal friends therefore keeping those who backed him happy.

No the risk that he is taking is with our National Security and that shows that either he does not have a clue or does not care or both. The detainees that are held in Gitmo are there for a reason. They are dangerous, an enemy to The United States and her people and pose a serious threat to the country and everyone who lives here.

The left and Obama, (one in the same), would have us believe that the reasoning behind the closing of Gitmo is because the detainees are being denied ,"their Constitutional rights," and that the existence of the detention center is damaging to the countries image around the world.

Yet if this damage is as real as they portray then why is it that there is not a country including the home lands of the detainees who want these scum bags once they are removed from Gitmo. Next is the loose interpretation of Constitutional rights. The Constitution provides for the right of a fair and expedient trial and Habeus Corpus, which the detainees are not receiving, but the stickler here is that those rights so espoused for detainees by the left are for United States citizens and NOT enemy combatants who have no rights by out Constitution.

Obama in order to satisfy his liberal friends, keep a campaign promise and look like a hero to the critics of President Bush for his own political expediency has issued an order endangering the country and obviously does not begin to understand who he is dealing with concerning the detainees or again does not care about the real and dangerous ramifications.

A few facts about these enemies might shed some light on what and who he is claiming deserve the same rights as citizens of this country.

Fact one - the detainees are not interested in rights or Constitutional provisions because their goal as detainees is to fulfill their Jihad which is to be a martyr for their Islamic cause and either die killing infidel Americans or die at the hands of the infidel in a prison or by execution. This is evidenced by the actions of the, "master mind," behind 9/11 when he was brought before the tribunal for trial.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the Al Qaeda scum held at Gitmo and planner of 9/11 when brought before the tribunal instructed his council that he wished to plead guilty to all charges with the expressed reason being that a guilty finding would lead to execution which would fulfill his Jihad and make him a martyr thus giving him his 72 virgins and a trip to sit by Mohammad. So these murderous enemies are not interested in rights just martyrdom at the hands of infidels.

Fact two - No one wants them. Once the order was issued Senators, Congressman, Governors and citizens began an out cry of, "we don't want them here." So when Obama has his way and Gitmo is closed there is not a location in this country that would not anger an entire State if these scum are transferred anywhere in the States.

The world also does not want them even the countries that they belong to and were captured from. Talk about your basic man without a country, these detainees fit that bill to a tee and not because of political turmoil but because even their own home lands understand that these are undesirables who create more problems than they are worth and since we captured them we can have them.

Fact three - The information that has been acquired through interrogation of the detainees has be invaluable in successfully stopping attacks against The United States and the rest of the world since their capture after 9/11. The true advantage that they have given us in fighting terrorism will never be known because of the necessity of not revealing intelligence information or the quantity of such information but suffice it to say that it has been enough to prevent an untold number of attacks.

Fact four - the recent revelation of the result of releasing a detainee emphasises the danger that they pose. Ali al-Shihri was released to the Saudi government from Gitmo for rehabilitation in 2007. The Saudis then released him from their care and he re-emerged in Yemen once again with Al Qaeda and as the commander of Al Qaeda in the country.

Because these scum bags have been held by, "the great satan," not only do they become heroes to their cause if released, but even if they once were considered peons in Al Qaeda before their capture the fact that they stood fast, in the mind of these scum, any detainee that is returned to the streets becomes a hero and living martyr to the Jihad cause and as such made a leader in the terrorist organization.

But none of this seems to matter to Barack Obama because he wishes to satisfy his liberal friends and seeks good opinion rather than fulfilling his Constitutional Oath to protect this Nation. The perceived rights of the enemy are more important to him then the real rights of our citizens and the security of the country.

There are loop holes in Obama's order that allow him to extend the closing by additional Executive Orders, but his goal of closing the detention center even with the loop holes is a priority with Obama and though giving himself an out if necessary he will pursue this madness until he accomplishes it.

This one act by Obama reveals his true belief that the war that we have been pursuing to defeat this evil enemy is in Obama's mind not a war but a criminal police matter and defeating the enemy was just an eloquent line in his Inaugural Address and not his true intent or goal. It will not be long before Obama returns to the failed idea of issuing warrants, seeking useless indictments and hollow arrests threats thus allowing Al Qaeda to rebuild and attack us again.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:08 PM, January 25, 2009  
Blogger Gayle said...

That's a strange comment above mine, Ken.

You're right. There are many reasons for keeping Guatanamo open, all having to do with good old-fashioned common sense. I guess since "old-fashioned" is rather, well... old-fashioned, that's the reason the left doesn't want to have anything to do with common sense. Or maybe they just wouldn't know what it was if it walked up behind them and bit them in the butt!

I have to wonder if he will really close Guatanamo. Over time he may have a scapegoat and be able to placate the left by saying there's no place else to put them because nobody wants them.

6:22 PM, January 25, 2009  
Blogger Mike's America said...

After complaining about how Bush didn't properly forsee and plan for the detainment and trial of these monsters Obie issues an order that has no detailed plan or process whatsoever on how to dispose of these people.

His act was totally empty of any substance.

Does anyone really think that kind of symbolism is going to make terrorists around the world stop hating us?

11:34 AM, January 26, 2009  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

"Does anyone really think that kind of symbolism is going to make terrorists around the world stop hating us?"

Mike actually Obama's act is a sign of weakness and that is exactly what these Isalmic scum react to. They now see an oprning in the US armor that they never saw with Bush and that will lead to disaster.

Gayle, though his order has many loop holes, his intent is to close Gitmo and before this is over that is what I beleive he will do regardless of the consequences.

Remember to him these are either criminals or misunderstood foreigners who have been denied their rights and not evil murderous enemies who wish to kill Americans.

2:50 PM, January 26, 2009  
Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

That's a strange comment above mine, Ken.

Tastes like spam, gayle. Yum.

Gayle, though his order has many loop holes, his intent is to close Gitmo and before this is over that is what I beleive he will do regardless of the consequences.

I think what gayle and mike allude to, is that the EO's on interrogations and Guantanamo are rather empty rhetoric. The EO on Ensuring Lawful Interrogations isn't that far off from the Bush Eo it just revoked. Smoke and mirrors to appease world opinion and the Obama base, to make it appear that the Administration is moving fast in a complete shift away from the previous Administration. And there are enough legal loopholes in the Eo on closing Guantanamo, that I believe that it, too, was based on politics of crafting image and fabricating an illusion of change. Keep in mind that McCain, Obama, and Bush wanted to close Guantanamo; but what Obama is now realizing is the enormous complexities in doing so that the Bush team faced.

1:51 AM, January 27, 2009  
Blogger Walts World said...

Hi, I just read your comment on that "Pie in the Sky" blog Conservative Convictions. And i just came here to say Bravo to you.
You and a small handful of others seem to be the only sane ones there.
That is with those people? Do they really think that giving up their Conservative Convictions and "Supporting that Pipsqueak of a Commie President that all will be fine again. Can't they see the Commie redness in his eyes?
Oh, well I don't think it makes any difference anyhow, we are doomed for at least 4 years, lets just hope that we don't sink to low by then.
Keep up the fight, I know that I will.


10:19 AM, January 27, 2009  
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