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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I found the picture to the right a very interesting look at what may be a sign of things to come from the administration of Barack Obama.

The building in the back ground is the administrative office of the Smithsonian Institute and the trashed area in the fore ground is what was left by the throngs of people who stood in the Mall to witness the Inauguration.

As one can quickly notice the Mall is trashed. I guess liberals have no concept of what a trash can is and what the primary use of that same trash can is. This picture is not an isolated case of the after math of the thousands who attended the Inauguration. The Mall is literally trashed from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial.

By now you are most likely wondering where I am going with this. It occurred to me as I viewed this picture that when liberals get together trash is what is left behind to clean up. Remember the Convention in Denver and the thousands of American Flags that were saved from the garbage and later used by the McCain campaign as the libs in Denver showed their respect for Old Glory by stuffing it in the garbage or just tossing it on the floor.

Now I am not suggesting that Republicans are not capable of trashing a venue but the above picture after the liberal love fest that took place in DC over the last several days is way beyond ridiculous. Now to the point of this post.

The GOP has left behind, politically speaking garbage that must be cleaned up because of excessive spending and governing practices that were far from conservative. And evidenced by posting on the official White House website the Obama administration, to prepare the country for short comings by the new President that cannot live up to the hype, are already using President Bush as the scape goat for those Obama short comings.

Several non-partisan groups and think tanks have indicated that the Obama Stimulus package which promises immediate relief through infrastructure and new jobs will not actually get any money flowing into the economy until 2010 with the majority of the 825 billion dollar package not having ANY effect until 2011 and beyond, if at all.

The last time this type of government infusion was tried on the grand scale that Obama is planning was during the administration of FDR and it took a World War to finally clean up the fiscal mess that, "The New Deal," created. In fact some of the band aid cures of The New Deal like Social Security are still causing problems. Roosevelt confided to his Secretary of the Treasury during the 1940 campaign that if they had to run on their economic record they would not be re-elected since unemployment was actually higher in 1940 then it was in 1932 when he took office right after the start of the Depression.

So as in the picture above will Obama and the Democrats leave a trashed government behind for someone else to have to clean up? The expansion of government regardless of what party is in charge promises nothing more than a problem in which someone else will have to clean up. The Bush expansion left problems many of which especially the mortgage debacle were not entirely the fault of President Bush.

Obama's plan of spending and expanding our way out of the financial down turn that we are currently experiencing promises to leave in its wake a trashed government like that left by Jimmy Carter and other President's who thought that government was the only solution to the Nations woes. The trashed Mall, the flubbed Oath, a ho hum Inaugural Address and a stimulus that stimulates nothing. All promises of things to come ? We shall see, yes we shall see.

Ken Taylor


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