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Sunday, January 18, 2009


He began his campaign for the Presidency by standing on the steps of the Illinois State House to make the official announcement he was running, like Lincoln did. Throughout his campaign he invoked the name of Lincoln as if the ghost of the sixteenth President, in Obama's mind, was hovering over him giving him personal assistance as he spoke. He has compared his life experiences and his rise to the Presidency to that of Lincoln's.

Now Barack Obama is preparing to be inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States and he acts as if he IS Lincoln. He is using Lincoln's bible as he takes the oath of office. The meals throughout the inaugural day are either Lincoln's favorites or foods that he ate as a child. He has traveled to Washington, again, but this time in a rail car that was patterned after the one used by Lincoln in 1861 following that final route used by Lincoln on that same trip.

Obama's obsession of Lincoln is almost as one commentator described it a , "man crush," on Father Abraham. Since the administration of Andrew Johnson, Lincoln's second Vice president and his successor because of the assassination, Lincoln has become the most quoted President by fellow Presidents in or Nations history. One because of the great wisdom found in his thoughts and words. And two, because Lincoln led this country through the most troublesome time our Nation has faced and what he said is applicable to many situations that have faced our Nation since his administration.

But Obama, even before becoming President is going far beyond just quoting Lincoln, he is emulating Lincoln to the extent that it seems as if he thinks he is the reincarnation of the sixteenth President. Now even historians and commentators are following Obama's lead and digging to make comparisons between Obama and Lincoln. When in actuality like Lincoln he was elected from Illinois. And, like Lincoln, his selecting as Secretary of State a former rival who was thought by most to be the shoe in as his parties nominee rather than Obama and that she, as with Lincoln's Secretary of State William Seward was a Senator from New York, otherwise the true comparison with Lincoln does not exist.

Obama's party affiliation, his policies, his back ground, his experience, his character, in other words everything about him is nearly polar opposite of Lincoln. So why this obsession by Barack Obama of Abraham Lincoln ? It takes looking at other moves that Obama has made to understand why Obama is so obsessed with Lincoln.

First, invoking and emanating Lincoln is always safe and popular because Lincoln is considered by most our Nations greatest President and has the respect of almost everyone. This follows with Obama's obvious actions to create an aura around him to say and do everything that is most popular with those who follow him and helps to continue his ,"rock star," status.

Second, Obama comes to Washington saying that he is bringing, "change," yet his appointments to staff and cabinet positions have offered little if any, "change," from another Democrat administration. The majority of Obama's administrative appointments are either former Clinton staffers or appointees who served in similar positions in the nineties or Clinton family like Hillary.

Third, his economic policy follows closely those instituted by Franklin Roosevelt with the , "New Deal." Massive government intervention during economic trouble with little long term or real substance to solve the problem. Only placing temporary band aides to mask it with feel good solutions.

When looking at the three actions, invoking Lincoln, appointing Clinonites and policy like FDR, one then can understand just who Obama is and what he is doing. He is not an avenue of, "change," as he claims. Nor the giver of," hope," as he also tries to claim, but nothing more that a great impersonator.

Like and impersonator he looks and sounds much like the real thing but there is always that something that is not quite right or lacking that makes the listener think or look for the actual real thing. Rich Little, in my opinion, is the best of the best in his ability to impersonate the famous. He can re-create their voice, their mannerisms, their words and in many instances even their costumes, but though great at what he does, he never quite comes up to the real thing.

He is good for a laugh, or can amaze an audience with his ability to copy those whose voices he can impersonate, but his John Wayne isn't as tough, his Johnny Carson isn't as witty, his George Burns isn't as cute and his Cary Grant isn't as charming. He entertains but always leaves you wanting for more.

Like an impersonator Obama is proving to leave the Nation wanting for more. In his press conferences he talks but says nothing, he claims, "hope and change," but his actions bring little if any. He emulates Lincoln, but comes up far short of our sixteenth President. He appoints like Clinton, but can't convince like the used car salesman as Clinton did. Clinton, though a flim flam as a President had the ability to sell what he did even if it was not the greatest idea or policy. Obama cannot. Even his economic ideas come from Franklin Roosevelt but he doesn't posses the ability to make the country feel good about what he is doing like Roosevelt.

Lincoln was known as , "The Great Emancipator." Reagan was known as, "The Great Communicator." Is Obama, "The Great Impersonator ?" Trying to act like and look like a President but always leaving the crowd wanting more.

In the troublesome times we face as a nation we do not need a President who simply tries to act Presidential. We do not need a President who copies others just because he likes them. We need a President who is a true leader, a strong , convicted principled executive. A person with integrity and strength of character who does not just talk a good game but has the ability to actually perform once they take office.

Unfortunately rather than a strong leader, a principled man who stands with true conviction for what he knows is right and what he understands is best for the country, we have , "The Great Impersonator." Acting and talking like others but always leaving the crowd wanting and the Nation lacking.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

Someone should remind Obama's followers that Lincoln was a Republican and would likely be appalled at Obama's economic and social policy.

12:45 PM, January 19, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or someone should remind opposers that Lincoln's Republican Party was the liberal party of the time...

12:04 PM, February 04, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous, like most liberals, you really don't have your facts straight. Republicans then as now favored small government. It wasn't until AFTER Lincoln's time that the party was split, but there has always been infighting, just as today. Then, so-called "Progressives" -- ironic because they wanted to return the "moral fiber" to America and therefore instituted Prohibition, etc. -- came to the forefront. The Republican party then split between the conservative faction and the more liberal faction, but make no mistake, there was ship-jumping in both parties for decades as power was wrestled back and forth, as the cycles of power often do.

It is very troubling to see ignorant comments posted that just mislead others who are too lazy to do research. Lincoln WOULD be appalled at Obama and what he has done to this country, starting with his extreme lack of character demonstrated by his judgment regarding those who surround him.

As they say, we get the government we deserve, and we've become a lazy society who unfortunately judges things of critical importance the same way we judge everything else -- on looks and emotions.

Heaven help us.

12:54 AM, December 09, 2009  
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