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Friday, January 23, 2009


Throughout his campaign then candidate Barack Obama told his worshipping minions that if elected he would change the tone in Washington and there would be full bipartisan participation along with a, "let's get along," attitude. This theme continued through his transition as Obama spoke of cooperation, no more accusations and ,"mean spirited," talk from his administration or anyone else in Washington.

Then the moment of truth came. Inauguration Day when all of the high sounding rhetoric would finally be put to the test. In some circles anticipation ran high that just maybe we would see a new tone set in Washington and that the constant bickering and accusations would subside. Then President Bush stepped onto the Inaugural platform to the crowd singing, "na, na, na, na hey, hey goodbye." So much for getting along, but then this did come from followers and not those in Washington.

The left wing press spent a good amount of time giving these disrespectful Obama minions who used an Inaugural to lash out at Bush, a good deal of coverage. But again this is the press and they have always hated Bush so no surprise that they did not get the ,"getting along," memo.

Just after noon the Oath of Office was taken, (sort of), and Obama spoke to his masses. As the speech progressed the, "let's get along," theme quickly faded into oblivion as Obama used the opportunity to make remarks that could only be deciphered as accusations against his predecessor and attacks on his policy.

Day two began with the purging of the White House web site removing Bush and posting Obama. Throughout the site in link after link the official White House web site takes stabs at President Bush in order to diminish the high expectations that the hype created for Obama and use Bush as the scape goat for Obama short comings.

Throughout the hearings process as Obama's appointments are being rubber stamped, references to the last eight years are rampant from Democrat Senators in an accusatory tone. On day three Hillary took to the stage at the State Department taking stabs at Bush policy as she instructs employees and appoints two Middle East Envoys.

Nancy Pelosi has not even tried to make even the slightest attempt at bipartisanship as she has changed the rules in the House in order to prevent GOP participation in the legislative process. Then adding insult to injury when asked about President Bush, Pelosi stated that as she saw him leave on Inauguration Day, she felt as if an, " anvil had been lifted from her shoulders."

Obama was said to be reaching out to the GOP when he kept Robert Gates on as Secretary of Defense. Yet in his first acts as President issuing Executive Orders to close Gitmo and stop pending tribunals for admitted 9/11 participants, Obama used the moments in front of the cameras to lash out at Bush policy rather than just sign the order and state his intentions.

Obama and the Democrats arrogantly believe that they have a mandate from the people to drastically change the country and to introduce full government rule in every aspect of America forcing dependency on government and removing our liberty to choose how we live our lives. They fully intend to do this without allowing GOP opposition while Obama keeps the ruse of bipartisanship in meeting with GOP leaders. If this was nothing more than a ruse he would reign in Pelosi, but he isn't and he won't in order to allow this deception to continue.

A deception designed to make Obama look like the great moderator, holding to the middle ground, reaching out to everyone in a spirit of bipartisanship. Deceiving the people into believing that he has set a new tone in Washington while behind the scenes Democrats can block all opposition, use Bush as the scape goat for their failures and ram through sweeping socialism as they force this agenda on the people.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mark said...

No, No, No, and No! Bi-partisanship never was the goal.

I have always considered that Obama might just be an al Qaida plant, bent ion destroying America from within.

Now, I am starting to believe my own over-reacting. Only 4 days in office and he has shown evidence that he wants Americans to die, even pre-born Americans, by suspending the trials of terrorists at GITMO, Signing executive orders to close GITMO, and by removing restrictions on Government funding for abortions. The man is pure Evil.

6:24 PM, January 24, 2009  
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