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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Hillary lies about Bosnia. Obama and Jeremiah Wright are still making headlines. The DNC is getting a backlash of donors who are wanting their money back or threatening not to give. Twenty eight percent of Hillary supporters state they will vote for McCain if Obama gets the nod. Nineteen percent of Obama supporters say they will vote for McCain if Hillary gets the nod.

Over all twenty two percent of Democrats state they will vote for McCain if their candidate does not get the nomination. Party loyalty is low. The Democrats in Congress hardly get a headline because they are doing nothing. Pelosi and Reid are continuing the practice what they started last January when this Congress first went into session and that is blame Bush, complain about the war and do nothing else except look for ways to raise taxes.

The Democrat Party is in a shambles right now with the heated fight for the nomination between Hillary and Obama. That combined with the do nothing Democrat Congress and the Dem's are in a fix that shows no signs of improving in the short term and very well could continue all the way to the General Election in November.

The Republicans now have a unique opportunity to take control of the issue debate and possibly position themselves for November in such a way that gaining seats in the House and Senate is a distinct possibility and maybe even taking Majority control in at least one Chamber of Congress.

This implosion with Democrats has already benefited John McCain and his run for the White House. While Hillary and Obama have been fighting like school children over the nomination, McCain has been making policy speeches, visiting Iraq, the Middle east and Europe and generally honing his message which has had an impact in the polls to his favor.

The Dem's have dropped in most polls and in some McCain actually has double digit lead over both candidates. With the battle likely to continue through the Convention in August, McCain will head into the final push for November with a lead and a better out look with voters toward the Presidency.

While McCain is taking advantage of the war and general shambles the Democrats find themselves in the rest of the GOP seems content to just sit back and watch it happen rather than taking control of the debate and showing voters why they should vote GOP in November rather than continue with the do nothing Democrats.

It is time for Republicans to get on offense and show the nation a distinction between the liberal do nothing politics of Pelosi and Reid and even though any type of legislation the Republicans introduce in either Chamber of Congress will not have a snow balls chance of passage, the GOP must get off of their political duffs and start pushing buttons in order to fight for control of Congress in November.

There are several pressing issues that the GOP can take the lead in if they will but get on the offense and blitz the media and the halls of Congress, which in turn will help to ignite a flame of support with voters that could very well benefit Republicans in November.

These issues are as follows.

Immigration - Republicans can get control of this debate for November if they will stand for the building of the border fence, push for control of employing illegal aliens, securing our borders and punishing those who knowingly provide jobs to illegals.

The War - Democrats are still trying to claim that Iraq is a failure and both Presidential candidates are still crying for troop pull out and using this as a way of satisfying their liberal anti - war base. Polls show that the general public recognizes the success that is taking place in Iraq and in the general War on Terror and the need to remain in Iraq for stability in region. Republicans need to get before the media and on the floor of both the House and the Senate and take control of this debate rather than allowing the Dem's to get the only headlines for pull out and false claims of failure.

Limiting Government - Republicans failed miserably with this issue while in the Majority and now have an opportunity to get back in line with the GOP main stay issue of limited government. John McCain is campaigning on this platform and the party as a hole must follow suit by not only talking the talk but by introducing legislation that will cut back on current government programs as well as reducing spending and attacking the deficit.

Taxes - Voting for the Bush tax cuts is a start for the GOP in controlling the tax debate but more must be done in the next months for Republicans to own this issue. Democrats continually make limited headlines calling for tax increases that they claim target the rich but when investigated actually target all but the very poor with tax increases. They have also talked about raising the gas tax by fifty cents per gallon. Republicans need to introduce legislation calling for tax and spending reduction and hit the talking head shows and other media with the plans. Pelosi and Reid will not allow any passage of GOP legislation calling for tax and spending cuts Republicans can control public opinion by showing they favor cuts while Dem's fight against them.

If Republicans will finally get on the attack with the issues that have been mention above and show Democrats for who and what they truly are rather that allowing these liberal Socialists all the headlines and all of the coverage touting Bush, "failures, " and economic woes, the GOP can make great strides with voters and once again find the core of republican values that were lost during the final years as the Majority in Congress. It will take an aggressive campaign to do this but it can be done especially with the shambles that the Dems are in and the bickering that is taking place daily for the Democrat nomination.

John McCain is capitalizing on this with his campaign and it is now time for the remainder of the GOP to return to Conservative Republican values and take the offensive to the people with an eye toward the General Election in November and the Congress as well as the White House.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Rebekah said...

but to listen to the mainstream media, the DNC is doing fine and well.
Why does the media have to be so blatantly one sided and why dont more people recognize what they are shoveling?

8:40 AM, March 30, 2008  
Blogger Gayle said...

LOL Rebekah... they are shoveling tons of the stuff!

Great post here, Ken! Honestly, Pelosi and Reid have done nothing right since taking over Congress other than go on vacation. They are certainly very good at that! I still can't figure out what Congress takes vacations from. Most people take vacations from work, or so I thought. Maybe they consider doing nothing except throwing up roadblocks toward accomplishing anything as "work". I suppose being deceptive, lying and trying to sabotage President Bush's accomplishments at every turn might be considered as "work". Maybe it takes a lot of energy to be so negative. I wouldn't know.

Blessings, Ken. You said it like it is. Now if only more people would take the time to read and do some research they'd be able to make wiser choices when entering the voting booth. It's the ignorance that scares me!

3:08 PM, March 30, 2008  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Great Post Ken,

I wonder if just because we dont hear about all these races for Senators and Congressman in other states is because they are in other states? lol

I agree, they need to jump out in front of some camera somewhere so we can get a look at all these people.

4:08 PM, March 31, 2008  
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