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Sunday, March 09, 2008


Since 1989 and especially since his death in 2004 Ronald Reagan's iconic status among Conservatives and among the general public has risen considerably. With Republicans the dream of another Reagan constantly permeates within the party and again especially Conservatives.

This dream of another Reagan is justifiable by we Conservatives and Republicans because Reagan encompassed all of the best in our party and the Conservative movement. He exemplified strength of character, principles and beliefs so much so that even those who were political rivals not only respected him by admired him at the same time.

Since his retirement from the Presidency the cry of who will be the, "next Reagan, " arises every election cycle. In fact the dream of finding the,"next Reagan, " has been felt in GOP political circles for twenty years. Politicians from both sides of the isle quote him. Documentaries about this great man are shown regularly. Every GOP debate that has taken place since he retired has had almost as an underlying theme of how can a candidate be like Reagan.

There is a longing in Conservatism , Republicanism and in politics in general for another Ronald Reagan. I am one who would love to see one like him myself. Reagan was special and to me even more so because I was raised in California, ( a distinction that I sometimes am embarrassed to admit), and lived through eight years of Reagan's Governorship and then eight years of his Presidency.

When he retired from the White House on Inauguration day 1989 I was 32 years old. Ronald Reagan had been an important part of my life for nearly half of my days at that time and as such when he died in 2004, I felt like I had lost family and cried like a baby at his funeral. I am not ashamed to admit that I loved the man and to this day still miss him. I am sure many of your feel the same.

This current Presidential race like all of those since 1989 again have invoked the memory and legacy of Reagan and the cry has arisen once again looking for the , "next Reagan." Many since the ascension of John McCain to the GOP nomination have even said that we should let the Democrats win this year because it took, " four years of Carter to make Reagan."

I have news for those of you who may think this, Carter did not make Reagan. Reagan made Reagan and his ascension to the heights of the GOP had already begun long before Carter became President. His principles, beliefs and his eternal optimism were not made by Carter but came from the heart of a very disciplined, patriotic and principled man who was destined to greatness yet was humbled by the greatness that he achieved.

Reagan always prayed that he was worthy of the trust, love and respect that was given him and strove every day to live up to the greatness that he was. So it is no wonder that we are always looking for the, "next Reagan." While all the while knowing that there never will be or can be another like him because he was one of a kind and as Confederate General Lewis Armistead once said of his friend Union General Winfield Hancock during the battle of Gettysburg, " God doesn't make 'em any better."

Yet Reagan's legacy lives on and if we will but understand who he was and what he believed we will see that WE are the , "next Reagan." Those of us who found and /or honed our political beliefs and principles under the tutelage of this great man are his legacy and it is we who carry the torch as the, "next Reagan."

He instilled within us his eternal optimism. He showed us the , "shining city on the hill, " and we understood and believed that to be the beauty and light of liberty that is found only in this great Nation. Reagan believed with all of his heart in the American people and the indomitable spirit of freedom that each of us who call ourselves Americans have as we live and breath under the umbrella of liberty given by God and formed by the Founding Fathers in those precious Documents that gave birth to our Nation.

We stand on the principles of Conservatism that he reminded us of and Governed by throughout his tenure as President. But we constantly look for another Reagan to lead us in the daily fight for our Conservative beliefs and principles. Yet one of the many things that he taught us was that it is not Washington or the politicians who must make that stand and fight the good fight for Conservative values and principles but, "We the People."

Since his passing from the public stage and from the bonds of this Earth we have forgotten that he taught us not to look for the , "next Reagan, " but to stand as he did in the freedom and liberties that are The United States and always see the , "shining city on the hill, " that light of liberty that is within each of us and this great land.

Remembering that it is, "We the People, " who determine the direction of this Nation and what our elected officials in Washington and in each of our respective States do as they serve us at their posts in which WE place them. It is , "We the People, " who determine the agenda in which our candidates stand and the platforms that they present as they run for elected office.

So my fellow Americans, where is the , "next Reagan ?" Look in the mirror and even more so in the mirror of your soul, that which is always referred to as the core of our beliefs and principles and remember the legacy of Ronald Reagan that he instilled within each of us during those glorious days that we had with him as Governor and President.

Always believe and see this Nation as he did, that , "shining city on the hill, " glowing with hope and liberty for the world. Remembering as he did that Government is not the problem solver but the problem period. Remembering as he did that it is , "We the People, " who make those we elect responsible to us and hold them accountable as our servants for those principles and beliefs that Reagan brought out from deep within us and helped us realize that those core believes are a source of pride and strength in each of us.

So who is the , "next Reagan ? " He is right here in the heart and soul of every Conservative. and within the core of all Republicans. He is found in our hearts and our principles and especially when we stand for what we believe and hold those who we have as candidates and those elected to office accountable to us. He is found in our vote, in our political activism and in our values. Reagan is here and now my friends. All we need do is remember and take that which he taught us and use it as we select our next President and those who will serve us in Congress.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Wonderful Post Ken,

Reagan will alway's live in our heart's, but they broke the mold when they made Reagan.

There will NEVER be another Reagan.

All we can do is remember, and carry his core values with us in our heart's and try our best to stick to them.

11:40 AM, March 10, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And what were his core values?

Do nothing?
Being very divisive?

I grew up in California, and he was considered a terrible governor.

He messed up the whole Iran-Contra Affair. The only reason he succeeded with the Soviet Union was they ran out of money before we did. We were locked in a death grip with them and could have easily and nearly did destroy us with them.

If it was not for Bill Clinton (and Alan Greenspan)our economy would still be in ruin. It has only taken seven years for the Republicans to take us to the brink again.

Glad the conservative have selective memory about Ronnie, but many of us don't.

1:03 AM, March 11, 2008  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Anonymous, I beleive you grew up in a different Cal. than I did. He not only won re-election but his poularity gave him a landslide victory twice in that State when he ran for President. A State that always goes Democrat.

Talking about selective memory. History has proven Reagan and not just Conservatives. You are obviously one who did not like him and a liberal who was against everything he did.

10:43 AM, March 11, 2008  
Blogger Gayle said...

History has indeed proven Reagan, Ken. Anyone who denies that is simply in denial of the truth. I always wonder about "anonymous" comments. If they don't want their name to be shown, how hard is it to make up a name? "Anonymous" sounds so cowardly. Perhaps they don't understand that.

Reagan understood the danger of huge government control. It's a shame not everyone does. Neither do I believe there will never be another Reagan. I believe someday there will be, but I also believe in miricles! :)

10:55 AM, March 11, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually Anonymous is easier then setting up a Gmail account which I finally did.

However i agree.. RR was THE finest president in my lifetime. I have been voting since 1975.

5:04 PM, March 12, 2008  
Anonymous Seth said...

Awesome post, Ken, and right on point.

If the revisionists don't manage to rewrite history entirely according to their own leftist political design, Reagan will one day, after we have gone, be immortalized as the great man he truly was.

10:48 PM, March 12, 2008  
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