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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Barack Obama, the , "Rock Star, " of the Democrat Party who has women fainting at his campaign rallies with Obamamania sweeping the libs not only refuses to answer tough questions but actually walks away from them. He speaks in generalities in a charismatic manner that produces hype but little or no substance.

In a campaign appearance yesterday in Texas, Obama was screaming his usual rhetoric concerning , "change, " and , "hope, " without detailing what type of change and where to place that hope, when he actually entertained a few questions from the media. When the media began hitting hard balls toward Barack especially in the lingering situation concerning his association with Tony Resco, Obama became irritated and then closed the Q & A quickly by stating that, " the campaign is falling behind, " and abruptly left the stage.

Now whether the questions about Resco are completely legitimate or not is not the point here, but the continual actions by Mr. Obama when it comes to answering tough questions, speaking in generalities and also avoiding detail when he is mesmerizing any audience are.

This very example from Texas is yet another in a long line of situations where the Senator from Illinois who wants to be the next President is more hype than substance. It is also why I believe that even if he wins the nomination, after the Conventions are over and the final push before the General Election in November begins, that Obama will fall in his status with voters and find himself possibly even struggling to keep up with the McCain campaign because he never answers questions or provides details about his , "ideas, " or , "policy."

Sure one can go to his website and find some minor detail about his platform, but how many who will be voting in November actually will take the time to visit a website or research what little there is on the web or elsewhere about who Obama is and what he stands for ?

Most will depend on the 30 second sound bite and campaign commercials to make up their mind. They will also find some of the decision making answers from the press and watching the Presidential debates that will take place between McCain and Obama. It is in these latter two areas where Obama will crash as he is faced with tough questions from the press as the election draws closer and when he faces McCain in a one on one situation.

The press while very biased toward Obama and playing into the hype are beginning to start actually attempting to ask the questions that need to be answered. As the election draws closer a good number of the media will continue to avoid the hype and ask the questions and if Obamas reactions to tough questions and his avoidance of answering the same continues, even a biased media will begin to questions his substance.

McCain has been answering the tough questions for quite some time now especially from within the Conservative wing of the GOP. He has yet to avoid questions and has answered some very tough hard balls thrown at him. When voters see the difference in substance and in answering tough questions as November approaches, Obama very likely will be left out in the cold come November fourth and find himself waking up on the fifth hearing the words," President elect John McCain."

Voters, especially in a Presidential year demand answers. They pay close attention to the issues and expect candidate to provide acceptable answers to the tough questions. That is something that Mr. Hype, Barack Obama has not done, continues to avoid and come this fall, if nominated, will be his Achilles Heal and the end of his bid to win the White House

Ken Taylor


Blogger Gayle said...

Two weeks ago I would have said Obama had the primaries in the palm of his hand, Ken. Now I'm not so sure. The press, having been outed for being so preferential to him, is doing a bit better in asking him harder questions, as you just pointed out.

I hope you're right about voters paying close attention. Sometimes I have to wonder. While at my precint station today one of the women passing out the forms didn't even know what a Caucus was. I asked her if both Democrats and Republicans could vote in the Caucus because for some reason I had forgotten that only Democrats vote in both a Primary and a Caucus in Texas, but I had a feeling it was so. She didn't know what a Caucus was!

BTW: It's true. Only the Dem's in Texas get to vote twice in the primary. Sheesh!

4:09 PM, March 04, 2008  
Blogger Rob said...

Ken, do you have a link to the story you are claiming took place yesterday? There is one major fact about the Rezco issue - there is no claim, charge, or evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of Obama. I am not really sure what he is supposed to comment about.

As for Texas, they have use an odd system, but it is their system. Some of the delegates are selected throught he Caucuses and some are selected through the primaries. Gayle, what difference does it make to Republicans how Democrats select their delegates? In the general election, Dems don't vote twice, so there is no need to whine about the system.

I know Rush was pushing his listeners in Texas to vote for Hillary. There would be nothing better for Rush than to have Hillary in office. His ratings could once again rise because he could rant on and on about how bad she is.

4:20 PM, March 04, 2008  

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