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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


As the commentary and analysis of the , "great speech, " from Democrat candidate Barack Obama which was expected to explain his loyalty and whether his beliefs are aligned with his, "preacher, " Jeremiah Wright or not continues, I am reminded of a past political case in which loyalty over doing right was chosen.

But before I get into that I must agree with NPR and Fox News analysts Juan Williams who was a guest on Fox News immediately after the speech. Williams though admitting that the speech was delivered in the usual charismatic way, the fact that Obama did not distance himself from the controversial preacher nor explain how and why he has been in his congregation for twenty years and never separated himself from the anti-American and racist statements of Wright is the beginning of the political down fall of Barack Obama.

While Obama eloquently spoke of his loyalty to his friend and mentor he never distanced himself from Wright and in fact refused to acknowledge that because of the anti - American statements by Wright that as a Presidential candidate he not only could not agree but did not abide by the statements or the man who made them.

Anyone who understands what a mentor is also realizes that when one looks up to a mentor one also believes and follows the teachings and ideals of that mentor. Again another situation that Obama failed to address in his speech. Instead he chose to use the speech as a statement about race relations and the anger that he claims sparked the divisive statements of Jeremiah Wright.

His speech was one that rather than condemning the divisive hate speech of his preacher was more of a explanation as to why Obama believed that speech like that exists and tried to explain is away as a result of the feelings and experiences of Black Americans through out the history of The United States.

While Obama has not committed an illegal act by his loyalty to Wright his commitment to that loyalty does remind me of another tragic character in American politics. That person is Richard Nixon. First, I am in no way comparing the situations that Obama and Nixon found themselves in but the way that they handled those two very different situations are similar as far a loyalty to friends and the results of that misguided loyalty.

Nixon rather than going before the American people and taking action against illegal activities chose to stand by his loyalties to those who had performed the Watergate break in and instead covered up the activities and refused to not only distance himself from them but also became tangled in them to the point that it not only destroyed him personally but damaged the office of the Presidency in the process.

Obama's misguided loyalty to Jeremiah Wright are similar to those of Richard Nixon and the staff he chose to stand by instead of doing what was right and expose the break in and deal with it from a legal stand point. Obama's loyalty to Wright and his refusal to distance himself from a friend and, " mentor, " in spite of the fact that Wrights actions and statements are not only wrong but damaging to the country and to the political aspirations of Barcak Obama are similar to that misguided loyalty of Nixon.

Both chose to stick by loyalty rather than doing what is right for the country and themselves. Nixon's actions in his loyalty to friends brought him down because he tied himself to illegal activity and ended up committing some himself. Obama while not committing illegal activity is in like manner embracing statements and activities that are damaging to the nation and create a divisiveness between races as well as promoting hate among people whether white or black.

Jeremiah Wright at one point knowing that his divisiveness would be damaging to Obama told the liberal Democrat that he would have to distance himself from the controversial preacher. It is obvious now that Obama did not and is not heeding the advise of his mentor. There comes a time when everyone whether a politician or ordinary Americans must choose between loyalty and doing what is right.

Nixon chose his loyalties above doing what is right and destroyed himself , the Presidency and those around him. Barack Obama has also chosen loyalty rather than what is right and in like manner he has begun the end of his aspiration for higher office as well as sparked a divisive continuation to hatred and race problems that this nation has fought to over come through out our history.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Conservative Chic said...

He shot himself in the foot and is now limping along. I cannot see how people could still possibly vote for him. Oh yeah, I forgot, they are libs.....LOL

7:50 PM, March 19, 2008  
Anonymous Seth said...

Yes, liberals see their own as being Teflon coated. The fact that the Clintons are still around is testimony enough to that. Obama, too, is undoubtedly the same kind of protected species on the left.

Good post, Ken. Still and all, while Nixon covered up a crime, there was no element of doubt in the mix as to his patriotism or love of country -- just tragically bad judgement. Obama, on the other hand has, as you say, been mentored for two decades by a critter who makes no bones about his malevolence toward America -- no matter what Obama says, the odds are rather long that, him being a devoted member of his congregation and all, he could have managed to miss church on every occasion that Reverend Wrong maligned America.

1:57 PM, March 20, 2008  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

There's a new hate monger and Minister in Obama's life now, Rev. James Meeks.

Havent heard alot about him yet.

He's not as bad as Wright but he's up there.

I think Obama's Love Boat is sinking!

2:59 PM, March 20, 2008  
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