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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


The attack by Media Matters, (a front site for Hillary Clinton and George Soros. Hillary has bragged about helping to start the site and Soros is on record helping to fund it), Harry Reid in the Senate and Mark Udal in the House along with a host of other liberal members of Congress is to the point of spinning out of control.

Liberals think they have a platform in which to seek retaliation against the Moveon add attacking General Patraeus as well as a platform to attack conservative talk radio, which has been one of their goals all along. The MSM is jumping on the band wagon and the Rush flak is leading headlines and news shows on all of the cable news channels as well as the alphabet networks, ABC, NBC and CBS.

Liberals never cry fowl with a loud and obnoxious as they are in their attack against Rush unless they are trying to either change the subject because they are in the midst of a battle they know they cannot win or attempting by crying wolf to hide something sinister, or both.

Well in this instance it is both I have gone on record in a preceding post to state that what Rush does either on his show or in his living room IS NOT the business of the people therefore this flak that has found its way to the House and Senate floor and the resolutions that are in the process has absolutely NO BUSINESS taking up the time of the Congress.

But what exactly are the Democrats trying to hide or steer clear of ? first the flak began as Democrats fell to yet another defeat in a measure calling for a pull out from Iraq. A measure that has been re-worded so many times that I am sure the printer that it is printed on can almost spew it out from memory. The success of the surge is even causing the staunchest ally, the MSM to start reporting stories of success and accomplishment in Iraq while Democrats on the Hill continue to sound the same old surrender, failure rhetoric.

The Rush flak has at least temporally taken the heat off the Dems and their failed cut and run policy. One other move by the Dems that has slipped under the radar as the Rush flak has emerged is a proposal before the House to add a tax surcharge to EVERY TAX PAYER, to , "fund the war." Using the war as an excuse to raise taxes Democrats have slipped a bill past the ayes of the American people that literally hits the pocket books of every working American almost immediately.

The Federal Income Tax deduction is the avenue they have chosen and it, if passed, will immediately effect every wage earner in the country. Lower and middle class wage earners will be surcharged between 2 and 5 percent more in their deductions while the higher wage earners will be surcharged up to 15 percent.

I order to pass, the measure would need the backing of a large number of Republicans which is not going to happen. Even if it were to pass the Congress it would have to get through the President who would obviously VETO the bill. Yet how much has anyone heard of this disgusting move by Democrats anywhere in the media ?

They have managed to raise such a fuss about the taken out of context, false accusation out right lie about Rush and the , "phony soldier, " comment that this bill slipped through without notice. Dems are notorious for mis -direction tactics like this and have moved once again to raise taxes on the American people without receiving ANY scrutiny on the matter.

While the Rush flak is wrong, and an obvious abuse of Congressional power in attacking a private citizen for a perceived political gain, the fact that they have used this to move a tax increase and hide their defeat in the surrender measures from the American people not only is wrong and a further abuse of Congressional powers, but show the dishonesty and deceit that Democrats have as well as their total disrespect for the American people and the process in which the Constitution calls for this government being answerable to each of us and not under the control and dictates of an out of control Congress!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

I though you might want to know Fred Thompson weighed in on this mess:

Fred Thompson on Harry Reid’s attacks on Rush Limbaugh
Posted on October 3rd, 2007
By Fred in Announcements

Congressional Democrats are trying to divert attention from insulting our military leader in Iraq and pandering to the loony left by attacking Rush Limbaugh. He is one of the strongest supporters of our troops, yet Democrats claim he is not being strong enough. I wonder who General Petraeus and his troops think is most supportive?

I cant think of anything more to add than what Fred already said :-)

2:51 PM, October 03, 2007  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Well on second thought maybe I do have more to add lol

This is deffinately paving the way to get the Rhetoric Started for the "Fairness Doctrine".

We must keep our ears to the walls on this one and get ready to make phone calls and screech and hollar until we get that crap stopped.

3:08 PM, October 03, 2007  
Blogger john said...

Who agrees with Ried anyway?!? Certainly not Fred!

Go get’em Fred!

3:18 PM, October 03, 2007  
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