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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Dr. James Dobson and Evangelical Christian leader has been hitting the Hannity shows stating his view concerning a third party run if Giuliani, Thompson or McCain were to receive the Republican nomination for President in 2008.

When questioned concerning the distinct possibility of a third party run virtually insuring the election of the Democrat nominee which will most likely be Hillary Clinton, Dobson stated that it does not matter because of the reasons he cannot support the candidate mentioned and that a third party run, if backed by Conservative Christians could win.

Rasmussen polled this week on this very subject. According to the poll if a third party like that in which Dobson is suggesting were in force for the 2008 Presidential run, 27% of GOP likely voters stated that they would vote for a third party rather than Giuliani. In a three way race with an unannounced conservative candidate in a third party, Giuliani and Hillary Clinton, Clinton wins with 46% to Giuliani's 30% and the third party candidate 14%.

In a head to head match up between Giuliani and Clinton the race at the moment is a statistical tie. The poll did not place Fred Thompson in the mix except in showing that among likely GOP voters 48% view Thompson as the most conservative candidate running.

World Net Daily is running an article that supports Dobson's position on a third party candidate stating that the GOP has compromised and that further compromise on the abortion issue, which is how many see a Giuliani candidacy doing, will make no political difference between the Democrat and Republican parties.

Giuliani has repeatedly stated that if elected he would nominate Judges like Alito and Roberts who are strict originalists concerning the Constitution and whose conservative views would be against pro-choice matters that come before the court. In actuality the Supreme Court is the only area where a President has any authority on issues like abortion, and Giuliani's pledge to nominate conservative Judges also states his position on this issue as President.

Once again the situation concerning how Fred Thompson will play into this mix as far as polling is concerned has not been figured because at the moment Giuliani is the front runner in most polls. Thompson though is NOT pro-choice and he too has stated that Roberts and Alito type Judges would be his nominees. He was President's Bush's choice to steer both Alito and Roberts through the nomination process when both were appointed to the Supreme Court.

If Dobson's move toward a third party is successful, (so far no candidate has expressed a desire to run), and Clinton is elected it is most assuredly that liberal Judges like Ginsberg will be appointed to the Court. There are two liberal Judges who are talking about retirement now who are waiting for the out come of the 08 election to decide whether to stay or retire.

Additionally other issues like taxation, national defense, border security, socialized health care just to name a few will fall to the disastrous policies of Hillary Clinton. The supposed lead candidate for the third party run, Mike Huckabee, has flatly refused to even be considered splitting from the GOP and has indicated that if he does not win the nomination he will support the party nominee. So the only question now is whether Dobson can find a candidate.

One issue voters are dangerous to the GOP and especially in light of who those one issue voters may possibly place into office. One can only hope that this momentum will fade and that no candidate will accept an offer from Dobson and his supporters to run and insure the election of a liberal Democrat ESPECIALLY Hillary Clinton.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

Dobson needs to build his own little wall of separation. I hope this is simply a tactic to focus the attention of the candidates on certain issues, but to have a 3rd party enter the race is a death wish.

I get frustrated just like others and do not like my defensive posture of selecting a not-so-great republican candidate just to keep the libs out of the WH, but it has to be done. I don't think a 3rd party is the answer; I think that a grassroots effort to re-focus the GOP on conservative issues and philosohpies would be the best method.

I do not condone abortion, but this is not the biggest issue that faces our country. Terrorism, fiscal responsibility, and the intrusiveness of the government in every aspect of our lives is a much larger problem.

1:20 PM, October 10, 2007  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Agreed Robert. While against abortion, like you, I cannot let that one issue decide who I support for President. Also if one were to choose to not support the GOP because of this one issue that very move will insure that abortion will have a foothold by Democrat design for years to come!

1:26 PM, October 10, 2007  
Blogger JR said...

The distrust and dislike of Giuliani as a presidential candidate is not just being felt by so called "one issue" voters.

Many of us feel that Giuliani's "ends justify the means" attitude will basically trash the Bill of Rights. I fear a Giuliani presidency.

As for his promises to "...nominate Judges like Alito and Roberts who are strict originalists concerning the Constitution..." I honestly do not believe him.

Duncan Hunter is my candidate of choice at the moment, and baring a major reversal in the polls, there is not much of a chance of seeing him as president. There is a small chance that he could be Fred's running mate, if that were to happen more "one issue" voters could be drawn to the polls.

3:22 PM, October 10, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have worked in health care for over thirty years. I do not think this is a violation of any amendments. You state in the first paragraph after the two amendments that "the right of the people against an all powerful Federal Government and the right of the people to decide for themselves what the government is NOT given power over by the Constitution."

It is both the moral and ethical duty of elected politicians to protect and defend the people of the United States, the people, not Corporations and their ability to affect their bottom line.

This is a "red herring" argument meant as a scare tactic, or, better, intimidation for the working class of America.

After WWII, most companies in America offered benefits with employment. Over the past 20 to 30 years the corporate culture in America has been, lower or do away with the benefits, which allows for greater compensation of stock holders and higher level executives, and those executives get bonuses and benefits including shares of stock.

How much is enough? Shouldn't we look out for the benefit of our people? We wouldn't even be having this discussion if those benefits were still in place.

When it's all broken down, the truth is, the Democrats are looking out for the common people, and the Republicans are looking after corporations and the wealthy. This is where the great divide is in our country. It is the bottom line.
Or, as George Bush so eloquently said, "the have's and the have not's."

3:29 PM, October 10, 2007  
Anonymous Seth said...

I agree completely with you on this one, Ken, and with Robert as well.

A third party in the mix at this juncture would be our own version of Ralph Nader.

I have endorsed the idea of a new Conservative Party in the past and still do, but at this point in time we don't have the luxury of such an experiment, we have to prioritize keeping liberals out of the White House and diluting or, preferably, eliminating their Congressional majority.

Hey, Anonymous -- "haves and have nots" are synonymous with mankind, there have always been, from the stone-age to the present day, achievers and non-achievers, the ambitious and the non-ambitious, successes and failures, the energetic and the lazy.

The socialist mentality the left has instilled in so many Americans spilled over, some time ago, into the private sector: suddenly businesses were expected to add benefits to the wages they paid an employee, wages based on their perceived asset value of the employee to the company.

This is probably one reason why private health insurance, for example, isn't a lot cheaper: If workers were responsible for maintaining their own HMOs, the marketplace would reduce premiums accordingly, with volume-based revenues exceeding what they presently enjoy from employer account profits.

It truly amazes me that so many American liberals can't seem to grasp the very simple concept known as the profit motive.

5:32 PM, October 10, 2007  
Blogger Mike's America said...

Ken: The third party question was a key issue in Tuesday's debate, which no one saw since it was on MSNBC.

But yours truly waded through the transcripts and compiled large excerpts as well as my own grades for candidates.

P.S. I don't get this idea of being scared by Rudy. If people aren't satisfied with the current crop of candidates they need to go out and work to get someone else to run.

But if all they are going to do is bitch, then perhaps they should stay home. They're worthless anyway.

11:36 PM, October 10, 2007  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Great Post Ken,

I think Dobson should just shut up!

He doesnt carry as much weight as he used to as far as voters are concerned.

Ron Paul to me is like a third party candidate who is going to steal votes away from the Republicans because it seems that he is sticking with this thing through the end.

Another Ralph Nader only this time in the GOP.

One wonders if he was a plant by the anti-war lefty's.

Something has GOT to be done about Ron Paul.

But I know one thing, whoever the GOP nominee will be (With the exception of Ron Paul) I will back him 100%.

I wont be sitting on my hands saying "Well I dont like anyone but Fred so I'm sitting this one out" Ah Ah No WAY!

I would love to see Fred, but if it turns out to be Rudy, or whoever they will have my support because there is NO WAY I am letting Hillary win this election!

And there's my Two Cent's :-)

2:44 AM, October 11, 2007  
Blogger Concerned Citizen said...

Yeah, this is one of the most dangerous aberations of the 2008 elections. A third party candidate coming from either party will spell death for that parties primary candidate.

Oh and to Anon, why is it that people that come to these site to bable liberal flase hoods and talking points, never have the courage to use thier own name? Funny, that.

Your concepts of socialized medicine are bunk. I am a common person. I am considered wealth or elite and I DO NOT WANT the government running healthcare. It scares the hell out of me. Just look at Canada and the time it takes to get ANYTHING done in there healthcare system.

4:49 PM, October 11, 2007  

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