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Sunday, July 01, 2007


Are there actually two Americas ? According to Democrat Presidential Candidate and former ambulance chaser John Edwards the two Americas consist of the, "haves, " and the , " have nots." Basically according to Edwards there is the America of the rich who have all the opportunities and the poor who have none.

Now of course in the, "brilliant, " Edwards scenario he fails to mention his 25, 000 square foot mansion that he achieved on the backs of law suits against a myriad of clients and defendants and the complaints to the Raleigh City Council he is making about his neighbor, a regular working stiff, who also works on cars in his yard and as such has car parts around his garage.

He also forgets to mention that in this country despite the rhetoric of the left everyone has equal opportunity to achieve if anyone would but make the effort. There are so many thousands of examples of Americans rising from poverty to riches because they worked hard and sought to accomplish their dreams no matter how hard or long it took.

In truth John Edward's, "two Americas, " is actually a lot of hot air by a liberal trying to use class envy to gain political points. A long time strategy used by Democrats designed to keep the poor where they are and dependant on government in order to insure their continued support of socialistic Democrats.

So then are there really two Americas ? Yes but not in the sense pushed by the left. The recent fight over the Senate Amnesty Bill placed the real two Americas in the forefront of the news. The two Americas that are out of touch with one another and prove their is an aristocracy in this country that rivals that of the British before our Independence.

The real two Americas is found in two locations. One is inside the Beltway of Washington and the other is the rest of the country. Washington and those that we have elected to serve have become so out of touch with the rest of America that one has to wonder if most in Washington ever have contact with anyone who resides outside of the Beltway around DC.

Throughout the entire immigration fiasco sound bite after sound bite had someone from Washington stating that the bill was what the, "American people wanted, " and then proceed to blame some other Washington insider for causing the bill to falter.

How many times when these sound bites were played did we just shake our head in amazement wondering what planet politicians were from and who in the heck they was referring to when they mentioned the, "American people?"

Whenever one of these Washington insiders mentions the , "American people, " do you ever wonder who they are talking to and think to yourself, "that's not what I hear from people I talk to ?" We all do. The , " American people, " that the Washington aristocracy makes reference to only exists in the Halls of Congress and unfortunately at times 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Washington has become so out of touch with the American people that there was actually surprise and shock at the overwhelming response by the real American people against the Senate Amnesty Bill. Fortunately there are still enough in Congress that listen to the real American people that the bill went down in defeat.

The sad truth is that if these aristocratic Senators were actually in touch with America and new the, "will of the people, " because they actually cared and conversed with those who placed them in office, the bill would have never made it out of committee, the border would be closed and no one would be considering any form of amnesty because current laws would be enforced and the 12 million plus illegals would either be in check by those laws or for that matter never in the country in the first place.

The immigration fiasco is not the only instance in which Washington is out of touch with the people. Everyday we shake our heads at statements that come from inside the Beltway showing that the Washington aristocracy has no clue concerning the will of the people. It seems at times that most have never read the Constitution since their proposal either violates some provision or right found within.

The other indication of their lack of Constitutional savvy is the fact that they completely ignore or have never noticed the very beginning which states the reality of what this nation is about.

" We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

Had these aristocrats inside the beltway actually looked at the Preamble and paid one iota of attention to it they would understand the it is , "We the People, " who they answer to and, "We the people who are the authority of this Nation. Washington does not tell us what is in our best interest, it is we who tell Washington what we expect.

"We the People, " also means that the monster that this Beltway aristocracy has created in the over burdensome and intrusive Federal Government is not what our Founders intended nor what the people sent them to Washington to represent.

We sent them to Washington to get government off our backs and to allow, "We the People," to live, work and bask in the freedom of opportunity and achievement that has made this nation great and shown the entire world what true freedom can accomplish.

The Washington aristocracy in their arrogance has whittled away much of this freedom by government bureaucracy and regulation and by ignoring the American people who sent them with one request. "Preserve, protect and defend, " me but otherwise GET OFF MY BACK! "

There are some in Washington who have not fallen into the Beltway trap and it is their diligence and hard work for the American people that tends to keep the aristocracy in check. But they are slowly and surely become such a minority that soon even they will not be able to stop the governmental monster.

There are those whose socialistic agenda threatens the very foundations of our nation and it would seem that they are on the rise as evidenced by the expansion of government and the burden that it brings to, "We the People."

The last two weeks though have shed a glimmer of hope and light to the beauty and freedom of our land. " We the People," united in overwhelming numbers and told the Washington aristocracy that we would not stand for amnesty and even those who still claim that the bill was in our best interest had no choice but to take notice to the authority of the people as given us by the Constitution.

Next year is an election year and that Constitutional authority of the people shines in its most liberating fashion as we take to the polls and control who represents us in Washington. Remember those in the Washington aristocracy who denied and voted against the will of the people and when the primary season begins in January 2008, VOTE THEM OUT!

Our vote still is the ultimate decider and power for Washington. We have the ability to remove this aristocracy and replace it with real representative government, "of the people, by the people and for the people." Pay attention to the candidates. Listen to what they have to say. Research their records and their political history.

Do not just blindly vote for an incumbent just because he or she has always been elected or in some cases like Massachusetts and Kennedy and Byrd in West Virginia it is a tradition. It is our responsibility as Americans to know the candidates. To find out what they stand for and how they believe. Going blindly into the polling booth and pulling the lever or touching the screen surrenders our authority to the aristocracy.

We can make a change. We can return this nation to the people and to the representative Republic government that the Founders intended. It is up to each of us to stand up as Americans and once again take the reins of Revolution and fly the, "Don't Tread On Me, " flag and retake our Government and our nation, "for the people."

Ken Taylor


Blogger Concerned Citizen said...

Ken, have you ever seen the movie "Pursuit of Happieness"?

In this movie Will Smith relays to us the story of Chris Gardner, a black man who sold medical equpiment in San Fransisco in the early eighties. His wife left him and his 5-year-old son, he was evicted and spent nights where ever he could. Some nights he was fortunate enough to find shelter in a local church and others he and his son slept in bathroom stalls at the subway depot.

This man took a job as an intern with Dean Witter making no salaray for six months. He was dirt poor, with only a high school education. He had to show up to his interview in paint covered clothes after spending the night in jail for parking tickets. He ran straight to the interview after being release and convinced them to take him on as an intern. During his internship, the IRS siezed all his available money and he was left with nothing. Having to work shorter hours than the other interns so he could get him and his son to the shelter on time, meant he had to work twice as hard to achieve his goals.

Throughout this entire movie, he never gave up. He never quit or doubted that he could succede.

This is an amazing story about how a man with nothing achieved phenominal sucess through hard work and perserverence.

In the early 90's he split from Dean Witter to found his own financial company. He recently sold partial ownership of his company in a multi-million dollar deal.

This man's story is proof that EVERYONE, no matter of circumstances, can succede if they have the will. The opportunity exists for anyone in this country.

12:21 AM, July 02, 2007  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Great movie that has a truly insperational story for anyone!

This and other similar stories are why Edwards idea of two Americas is hog wash.

Now the two Americas that exist with Washington and the rest of the country is a reality. 90% of those inside the beltway whether politician, employee or Media have no clue as to what the real pulse of the rest of the country is.

Unfortunatly their continual misconception in Congress effects us all. That is why we must eliminate many in the primaries so that especially the GOP can get real conservatives in office who care what the people think!

10:33 AM, July 02, 2007  
Blogger Gayle said...

Most of Edward's ideas are hogwash, Ken. Can you think of any that are not?

Americans can always raise above poverty if they wish. By American standards, my husband and I were very poor when we first met and married. Everything I owned fit into one small suitcase with room left over! I have gone hungry, and even ate cheese for a week that my husband brought home from the Mess Hall. The Army had somehow overlooked paying him! When I went to work things got much better, but during the worst of times we never took handouts from the government. We educated ourselves and our children, and managed our investments so that we could afford to retire earlier than most. We bought 80 acres of land and run a Farm and Nursery because we want to, not because we have to. In America, if you're willing to work, it is still possible to break out from poverty.

We just hired a new Nandyman to help run this Farm. He is not an illegal immigrant, and he is a hard worker who is trying to save enough money to buy land of his own. He works seven days a week, three days for us, and four days for other people. He will get his land, I guarrantee it, and he will do it without taking handouts from the Government.

11:12 AM, July 02, 2007  
Anonymous Seth said...

Edwards, like most Democrat politicians, has no concept of honor and less of love of country, and like his fellow travellers on the left, he has no moral compunction about stepping on the heads of the poor en route to a poltical victory.

Lying for votes is SOP among Democrats.

12:29 AM, July 03, 2007  
Anonymous Chris said...

I was so poor after starting my own company that I lived without gas for 2 years in Ohio. Cold winters and I heated my bath water on my stove. The little money I did have went to my ex-wife for child support.

Not once did I ask for public assistance. Not once did I miss a CS Payment but I missed a lot of meals. I worked my A"" off and now have a thriving company. I know what it's like to be dirt poor. I also know that you can work your way out of it. That is what makes freedom great.

11:56 AM, July 03, 2007  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Edwards is out of touch with the both America's he talk's about.

Edward's is a lost soul.

1:41 PM, July 03, 2007  

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