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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Senator Kerry this was more than a, "botched joke!" When Senator John Kerry stated in a campaign stop before college students that if a student does not study hard and do well in school then they will be , "stuck in Iraq," it is no joke! Now I realize that there are a considerable amount of issues and subjects that are much more pressing with the Mid Term election just a few days off but for Kerry to make this type of gaff and insult and then when justifiable demands for his apology are met with indignation and anger followed today by a very weak, "apology, " for botching a joke does not get this guy off the hook for insulting and demeaning our troops. If anyone else had made a gaff like this it might have only made a momentary blurb in the news cycle and not angered so many but Kerry has a reputation for demeaning troops and insulting what they do. In December of 2005 he stated that our troops were," terrorising," Iraqi citizens. Just last Sunday on a talking heads interview Kerry lamblasted troops and their commanders for a mission that had recently taken place in Iraq as a failure. He did not make his insulting remarks toward the mission or the missions goal but clearly stated that the commanders and the troops involved were failures! Now his, "botched joke, " that insinuated that our troops are uneducated and are in the military because they have no other options deserves more than an apology for a, "botched joke." Kerry has every right to criticize the President and any policy that the admistration has. What he does not seem to realize is that as the nominee for his party in the last election he is technically the head of the Democrat Party and as such is fully responsible for what he says and all of the implications there of. His remarks cannot and will not be taken as off handed or just as simple gaff or botched joke. His statements and his thoughts are public domain and are taken with a certain credibility because of who he is. They are not only taken as this by people of our own nation but by our allies and enemies as well and of course our heroic troops. Kerry has used whatever position that he has held throughout his political career as an opportunity to demean our military. This is one reason why the Swift Boat Vets took the stand that they did during the 2004 election and Kerry has continued this additude toward the military since which is why his remarks have been taken so seriously. What he said could not be mistaken as a comment about the President or his policies but only as an insult to our military. Kerry is old news who is obviously still angry because of his loss in 2004 and has placed himself right back in the thick of the debate not because he has stated any profound issue or idea for any issue but because he stupidly opened his mouth against the very people who fight and die to give him that right. Kerry's constant anti-military additude has earned the criticism and the anger that is being directed toward him and it is justified. This is not a GOP diversion from the issues but an insulting remark from the head of and spokesman for the Democrat Party.

Ken Taylor


Blogger MDConservative said...

Disgusting, what else can I say? Both Mikes America and myself at CIR are heavily covering this jackass. You are right there are bigger issues but for some of us, it hits closer to home. He seems to hate the military unless he is talking about HIS service being so honorable and HIS purple hearts. What an ass.

2:00 PM, November 01, 2006  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Instead of an apology he should be in front of the troops in the field on his knees begginf forgiveness!

2:43 PM, November 01, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

I still have not seen the full context of his speech. He says it was a botched joke, Bush and you both say he bashed the troops. Let's assume that he is an ass for the sake of discussion.

How much of a difference is it really going to make? Kerry is not on the ticket and people aren't going to be re-voting in the 2004 election between Bush and Kerry.

The problems in Iraq are what they are. Folks who are going to vote against/for Republicans are pretty well set. Do you honestly think that undecided voters are going to base their vote on Kerry's comments?

My sense is that it won't amount to anything, and frankly, I don't think the Republicans gain anything by reminding folks about the troops in the middle of a civil war in Iraq. It is not like Kerry's comments are going to make people become pro-Iraq policy.

4:16 PM, November 01, 2006  
Blogger Brenpat said...

The talking heads and others are asking the wrong question:


Senator Kerry, Kennedy, Reid and others. Based on recent comments by John Murtha,Sen Harry Reid and SEnator Kerry being openly critical of the US Troops and in fact calling them stupid, How do you expect our soldiers to willfully follow anyone from the Democratic Party?

4:40 PM, November 01, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

Soldiers don't follow members of congress. They follow generals and the president. Your question is irrelevant.

5:24 PM, November 01, 2006  
Blogger MDConservative said...

I don't know how much it will/should affect the election. I hope it blows it for the dems, but regardless my problem is with Kerry and his continual verbal abuse of the military.

He is not on the ticket now, but if he runs in '08 then brenpat's question is in order.

I take him at his words. The ones yesterday "I apologize to no one."

6:50 PM, November 01, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

I agree Kerry hurt himself personally and killed any chance for '08 (or beyond). But he had his chance and lost in '04. He was a weak candidate before and I doubt he EVER would have had a chance to be the Dems presidential nominee again anyway.

Given that we are upon the '06 elections, the only question that really matters is whether Kerry's comments will have any effect on the election next Tuesday. My own view is that it won't.

10:59 PM, November 01, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You deleted my warnings to other surfers that your website is sending out virus's, twice.

11:46 PM, November 01, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw more than seven hours non stop of every media outlet in satandom saying Kerry meant the comment for the troops. God save us all. You really are satan. There is no way on Earth his commentary was a botched joke, no way it was directed at the troops. The conspiratorial right wing media is a propaganda tool worth at least One trillion dollars in market capitalization. Today they wanted to try and fracture the Democrats with a totally unsubstantiated attack. All the republicans did was let a big fart rip in the room. It aint' got no velocity or direction, its just a hoorible smell that'll blow over once they stop eating those fried fetuses with that nyc salsa. It seemed to me, being outside America, that Kerry wanted to slander bush as an idiot without putting on his hip waders to throw trash like everyone else at the moment. The republicans are desperate. Hiding foley, abrahmov, delay, drop in first quarter GDP growth from 5.6 % to 1.6% this last quarter, the largest drop in the median price of new homes since 1970, inflation- sorry no more library time to finish.

11:54 PM, November 01, 2006  
Anonymous Seth said...

My only comment here is that this man is the one the Democrats nominated and supported for President in the last go-round.

If this is their idea of who should lead the country, it tells us everything we need to know about the Democratic Party.

2:35 AM, November 02, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

Dems say the same thing about Bush.

This is a guy who has totally botched Iraq, totally botched the Katrina response, not caught bin Laden, exploded federal spending, the deficit, and the debt (which is why fiscal conservatives are upset), doubled the size of the Dept of Education with the highly flawed NCLB act, created a huge new unfunded entitlement in Medicare Part D, etc. If you like his spending that is fine, but Bush is no Reagan Republican. He certainly does not believe in a limited government.

8:34 AM, November 02, 2006  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Rob, "Bush is no Reagan Republican. He certainly does not believe in a limited government." This is one point about Bush that I do agree with. Two things about your comment to remember the NCLB act was sponsored by Ted Kennedy so there is equal blame here yet TK inspite of this fact has been one of the harshist critics on the act and education.

The bin Laden issue has become a liberal talking point because as anyone who is a terrorism expert admits the demise of bin Laden will change nothing and to use an exorbatant amount of man power and material to get one man is a mis-use of same. Sure everyone wants him dead but it is not and does not need to be the priority in this war the liberals try to make it.

One more thing though as you know I disagree with GOP spending, deficits and spending do coincide with war. Before you respond to this I know that you will say that alot of the spending had nothing to do with war. Granted but monies that have been used correctly for war purposes would, if the war were not a realty, have been used elsewhere. But domestic spending still has to continue during a war. I don't like the large entitlements but without the war a good bit of the domestic spending would not have been in the negative. Doesn't mean I like the spending but their needs to be perspective. As far as the necessity of war spending, in June of 1944 the US was nearly bankrupt and within one month of having to negotiate with the Japanese on their terms because the country was tired of war and the money was gone. The flag raising picture on Iwo Jima changed the countries additude and the 7th bond tour raised the money to finance the rest of the war. The US today is much larger, stronger both internationally and at home and has a better financial capability to fight a war and take care of domestic needs. I still, as Reagan, favor smaller government and less spending but realize too that wars cost money and this is a war that we must and will win.

9:32 AM, November 02, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

Kennedy's criticism is that it hasn't been fully funded. He wants to spend more money on it (I think it should be abolished).

The fact that Kennedy supported it does not excuse the President for signing a bill that doubled the size of the Dept. of Education and created a huge unfunded mandate for the states.

I still believe that bin Laden should be brought to justice - dead or alive - for what he did. I don't claim that it will make a difference in terms of terrorism, I think it is a matter of national honor and justice.

I agree that we should spend more on military ops - so do the Dems. The problem is that Bush has increased government spending on non-military programs by $700 to $800 billion per year. This growth is NOT military related. To cover this, he is putting the nation further into debt and has increased foreign ownership of U.S. debt by $1 trillion. This is a national security issue. When Japan, China, and OPEC increase their holdings of U.S. Debt, it makes us more beholden to them.

1:03 PM, November 02, 2006  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

I agree that NCLB should be sacked. I also did not say that the growth of spending was due to the military but that the deficit spending was. If we were not in a war the monies used for the war would have been applied to domestic spending thus decreasing the deficit even more than increased revenues due to tax cuts has. The military spending was necessary because of the war which brought about much of the deficit spending. That and the recovery from the recession passed on from the Clinton administration and compounded by the financial beating we took after 9/11.

1:57 PM, November 02, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

Ken, I disagree with some of your contentions. First, much of the funding for the Iraq war is done off-budget with supplemental bills not included in the budget. When Congress passes $80 billion for the Iraq war it is done through supplementals. The Air Force is requesting $50 billion right now to pay for maintenance and all of the flights it is taking on to move injured to Germany and back home to the U.S. That is why the budget deficit shows up as being $300 billion, but we add $500 billion to the National Debt every year.

Second, I have been asking Seth this question and he has not responded. What recession passed on from Clinton are you referring to? We haven't been in a recession since the 4th quarter of 1990 and the 1st quarter of 1991. The economy slowed in 2001, but we did not have a recession. You can look up the facts at the Bureau of Economic Analysis (

I have said this numerous times, Clinton left office with a $236 billion budget surplus - he did not leave the cupboard bare. Bush has created these record deficits that are projected to exist for years to come.

5:52 PM, November 02, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You truly know little about economics but you will soon. All the leading indicators point to a meltdown and massive market correction, and a massive correction in housing and real estate values. When the nut you pay every month gets to be to much with rising inflation jobs and wage stagnation for the masses the next is big falls in consumer confidence and spending. The lengths these idiots have gone to try and mask the upcoming economic doom is amazing. The Dow has done nothing. A few rich bush supporters brought their books in to order and look good for the election. I would. The truth is that there are hard times ahead and there will be nothing but bad news for bush and cheney they couldn't possibly hope to hide. Welcome to your lying fascist overlords who gave us WWII.

2:14 AM, November 03, 2006  
Anonymous mudkitty said...

Republicans can't tell the difference between Main Street and Wall Street.

3:52 PM, November 03, 2006  

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