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Thursday, July 06, 2006


How many of you are parents ? I am and am sure that many of you are or if not have listened to discussions of friends or family members who are parents. Every parent have many things in common concerning their children. One of those, "things, " is the common complaint of a child being somewhat of a brat and throwing temper tantrums and/or whining because or until that child gets their own way. Let us now take a look at Kim Jung, "Mentally, "IL. This rogue dictator is a brat, granted as the leader of a communist regime a brat with a certain amount of power, but a brat none the less. He was raised as a brat by a father who was also a brat. His father while in power flexed his bratty muscles and caused world events like the Korean War then proceeded to blame The United States for being the aggressor and why ? Because he whined and did not get his way thus taking the region to war. Kim Jung is not his father he is a brat who has still not progressed past the stage of a baby in diapers. He is also a brat who is somewhat isolated as a result of protections that were put into place by our military because of the Korean War. When he whines unfortunately the world in the past has listened and given this brat his way. Two prime examples are the whining this brat did in 1994 by threatening nuclear weapons development and the Clinton administration sent the emissary Jimmy Carter to change the babies diaper and appeased this brat by giving him nuclear technology on Kim Jung's promise that he would use it for energy development. Well the brat broke his promise, (surprise, surprise), eight years later and kicked out inspectors and proceeded to use this technology to develop weapons grade uranium. Again in 1998 the brat whined and launched a three stage missile planned to carry a satellite into orbit and with poor North Korean technology the missile could not acquire escape velocity and fell into the Japan Sea. Enter the Clinton administration again and their supply of Kim Jung Pampers and appeasement once again offered this brat United States assistance in placing his satellites into orbit. At least this time he was not given the technology just the use of our equipment and our launch facilities. The brat has once again been whining for several months because he wants to have one on one talks with the United States. The Bush administration recognizes that this baby is whining again and refuses to appease him with a one on one. Two days ago the brat saber rattled with his missiles and today has, according to satellite pictures, five more on the launch pad. The Bush administration though concerned sees this ploy for what it is and again refuses to change the brats diapers. The United Nations is meeting to consider sanctions against Kim Jung as the world has rallied in condemnation for his actions. Even his defenders, Russia and China have condemned him but when asked to ante up in the U.N. both have refused to do so thus nullifying any U.N. resolution and keeping the U.N. the weak and useless entity that it has been. The problem for the U.S. now is that with the rejection of the Russians and the Chinese in the U.N. it becomes obvious that it is also an attempt to make the U.S. appear weak with a non-response. Many have suggested that the U.S. take out one of the launch pads as a show of force to reign in the brat and humble this lunatic. While on the surface this seems like a good idea, the problem is that right now the world focus is on Kim Jung and his insanity and not the U.S. who would be condemned as an, "aggressor nation," if the pad were taken out. Additionally taking out one or two launch pads would be similar to the lobbing of cruise missiles at Saddam Hussein in the 90's whenever he whined and disobeyed the U.N., (and when Clinton wanted to get the attention off of Monica), which succeeded in nothing. There will come a point when this lunatic will have to be dealt with on a much stronger basis. right now while the world is focused on his insanity diplomacy is still the best option. As the Russians and the Chinese continue to take their typical words but no action stance in the U.N. the U.S. , Japan, South Korea and others who are behind us will have to take a stand with possible sanctions and further isolation. If Kim Jung takes this whining to the next level then the baby will have to be spanked and it will be up to us and our allies to do so. He is surrounded with the military might of the United States and the President has further isolated him from a military stand point by placing U.S. destroyers with missile capability in the Japan Sea off the Korean coast. Kim Jung will saber rattle and whine like the brat that he is. When and if the time comes though this time the brat will not face an appeaser who will change his diaper but an angry adult who will spank the baby and teach him a much needed lesson that he will not forget.

Ken Taylor


Blogger ablur said...

I just said that down below.

You did flesh it out a lot more.

I think all can say we agree on this issue.

Can you do anything about the load time of your blog? Everything but the posts arrive. The posts often need the refresh button and a lot of time.

6:51 PM, July 06, 2006  
Blogger Joel Schectman said...

a funny north korea story

7:39 AM, July 07, 2006  
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