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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


The Drudge Report reported today on a Powerline article quoting an editorial that appeared in the New York Times September 24, 1001 just 13 days after 9/11. The editorial which was not an OPED but and editorial from the Times itself criticized the Bush administration for NOT tracking terrorist funding. The editorial mentions the need for, " stricter regulations, the recruitment of specialized investigators and greater cooperation with foreign banking authorities. There must also be closer coordination among America's law enforcement, national security and financial regulatory agencies. " The Times editorial complains that terrorist financing made 9/11 and other terrorist attacks possible and that disabling their financial network will greatly hamper the ability of terrorist such as Al Qaeda to operate. At the time the NY Times was not aware of the program that had been started by the Bush administration to do just what the editorial criticized. Flash forward to 2006 and the current trouble that the NY Times has caused in revealing the financial surveillance program and the fact that now that this program is compromised its continued effectiveness is now in question. The hypocrisy of the Times is evident. In 2001, to condemn the Bush administration, the Times complained that such a program did not exist. Now in 2006 the very same Times reveals the existence of the program they called for in 2001, again to condemn the Bush administration, and virtually end its effectiveness. Additional hypocrisy would occur if a well funded attack took place in this country for which I am confident that the NY Times would be the first to condemn the President for not doing enough to protect this country. When in fact it is the NY Times among many other liberals and liberal organizations who have damaged the ability to protect the nation. The Times explicitly so for now they have compromised one program that enabled the tracking of terrorists and the ability to track funding along with those providing and receiving the funding. One has to wonder if the Times is a front organization for Al Qaeda considering that single handedly this liberal rag has assisted terrorism and those who perform these murderous acts through their irresponsible, treasonous reporting. With rags like the Times who needs enemies ?

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is nothing to compromise. There are tens of billions of dollars in drug proceeds laundered every year and this secret spy program hasn't nabbed anybody. The proliferation of the growth of heroin production has been allowed to increase courtesy of American policy and at the same time they haven't uncovered any terrorist financing? Huh? Everybody already knew there were ongoing investigations to root out terrorist financing years ago so what is the big secret. America spends billions of dolars a year trying to eradicate cocaine production in South America and still with this vaunted spy program they have not uncovered any drug proceeds. Does this spy program even work? Where are the results? I haven't seen any record drug seizures as a result of the tens of billions of dollars of Homeland Security. Next to Fox news you must be the only person out there to seriously consider mentioning that the NY Times are supported by al qaeda. Do you actually think that al qaeda didn't know the methods America would implement to track their financing resources? Usama bin laden's family were incredibly rich and well versed in how to move money globally. Your contention that somehow the New York Times compromised any American spying is outlandish and typical.

7:53 PM, June 27, 2006  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

First anon. The referance to the Times link to Al Qaeda was SARCASM, second everyone involved states that this program has been compromised. The person in the Treasury dept. who heads up the program states that the extent of the damage is not yet known but terrorist will and have started filtering their money through channels that are unknown now that the program has been compromised. This program is directly responsible for the freezing and siezure of millions of dollars in terrorist financing. Even the Times admitted to that and the legality of the program in the very article that exposed it and compromised it. The Times has no defense for this irresponsible act.


9:40 AM, June 28, 2006  
Blogger MDConservative said...

Terrorists have been nabbed by this program. You are sorely wrong on that point, in addition few things come from a SINGLE program they come from a combination. I guess we should just decommission or publish EVERYTHING the CIA does right? I mean Other countries KNOW the CIA spies on them. They know it. So why don’t we just tell them how it is being done? Right?

Basically is what you are saying is there should be NO secrecy at all. Everyone with this lame “they knew it” garbage is utterly ignorant. Which al Qaeda members have you talked to that knew the Government was using SWIFT to track the money. Maybe they thought we were trying to track their money, but had no idea how extensive it was. (I’d rather not take the chance, and just keep it in the dark.) Prior to the article did you KNOW that we were using SWIFT, and banking systems in Europe to track money? But it is always good to make sure we level the playing field for the terrorists.

I made this point days ago. That no matter how effective this program was, by publishing such information will show the world that we have traitors in the Government and in the press ready to help them. Why would any Government dream of providing aid to us, knowing the very real chance that it could be leaked and in the end put that country in danger. You people want coalitions, you don’t get them by screwing people over! And sure enough in the past days, that is what almost every specialist has said.

Anonymous, you need some serious lessons in covert actions. When you have a program that is working, you don’t announce the successful moments because it shows how that was achieved making it nearly useless in the future. How long after was it that ciphers broken during WWII were made public? Did that happen during the War? NO.

Would have been much better to tell Japan, we broke your codes! Oh and a bonus, we use Native American language as a code so you can’t break it. You are so far out of your league that your responses truly show how ignorant you are in regards to National Security issues.

Why don’t you stick to domestic programs? Find another way to spend billions of dollars on welfare system that gets wasted away. That money would be better off spent designing and building weapon systems.

National Security is not cheap. Not every program yields arrests or breaks. It is when you take all of the information and cross-reference it… there are your leads. Your body does not work 100% if you take away a persons eyes, ears, arms, legs, or touch. Put them all together and then you have and amazing machine. You and your kind expect the body to function 100% without an eye, without an ear, minus arms, minus a leg, and paralyzed below the neck… but then expect it to prevent another terrorist attack.


11:16 AM, June 29, 2006  
Blogger Vern1966 said...

The Al Queda members that I've talked to? Ya.

But my guess is that they've seen this already:

It's their website, genius. Again, NOT A SECRET. You are blowing a big bunch of hot air for absolutely no reason. And if you've ever tried to move money oversees, the transaction requires a SWIFT tracking number. Duh.

The article was pointing out that King George was once again pulling an end-run on oversight.

Why don't you start asking questions like "If Georgie followed the law while using these programs, there wouldn't be a story for the press. He knows this, so why does he continue to do it?" Wouldn't that be traitorous?

2:01 PM, June 30, 2006  
Blogger Vern1966 said...

The bigger picture is this -- everyone agrees that the president can and should conduct certain types of counter-terrorist surveillence. But to do so outside the law, with no oversite, is not allowed. And if ANY president tries it, they should know that they can rightly be called on it and be held to account. These programs should be allowed to work, and it is the PRESIDENT who jeopardizes them by not using them correctly. You cannot "shoot the messenger" for pointing out the administrations wrongdoing when he does not.

2:15 PM, June 30, 2006  
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