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Sunday, July 16, 2006


As the world has watched during the past several days Israel is again at war. Hezbollah and Hamas who now are not only terrorist organizations dedicated to the destruction of Israel but are also elected bodies within the Lebanese and Palestinian parliaments have launched war against Israel and Israel with full moral and legal justification has taken the offensive in an attempt to flush out these terrorists while holding restraint in their attacks so as to not punish the civilian population. If you do not believe that Israel has exercised restraint then imagine what Lebanon would be like at this moment had Israel released, again with justification, its full military capability. Israel has long been known to have the most powerful military in the region and has to the most part been attacking infrastructure targets preceded with leaflets dropped to warn the civilian population. Hezbollah especially has not exercised restraint as their missile attacks have all been aimed at civilian population areas. Israel in answer to cease fire requests by the U.N. stated that until their soldiers are returned and Hezbollah disarmed they will continue attacking. Good for Israel. These two groups who are now political entities have been allowed a free hand in the region for far to long and the time has come for their elimination. When a political entity who represents any nation, even if that entity is a terrorist organization, is committing an act of war they in turn suffer the consequences. As recognized government entities attacking Israel is an act of war. Syria at least for the moment is staying out of the fighting but a curious statement by Syria on Friday added to my suspicion that Iran is behind this war. On Thursday Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated that if the conflict were to escalate into Syria that Israel would be at war with the entire Islamic world. Prior to that statement Syria had a completely hands off attitude as would be expected because if you remember Lebanon virtually kicked Syria out of the country after reports that Syria had the duly elected Lebanese Prime Minister assassinated. Since then Syria and Lebanon have been at odds. Yet after Ahmadinejad's Thursday statement Syria followed with a tougher stance on Friday with a more threatening tone toward Israel sounding as if they were preparing to join the fighting. If Syria became involved the war would escalate as both Syria and Iran would join in the fighting. It is my believe and the belief of many analysts that Iran is behind this war and is not only providing weapons but financing and personnel in order to expand the conflict to bring about the destruction of Israel.

Hezbollah and Hamas and the Iranian connection - Iran founded in most respects both of these organizations for the expressed purpose of harassing and ultimately destroying Israel by killing as many Israelis through acts of terror that have been taking place in Israel for many years. It is known that Hezbollah transferred the two kidnapped soldiers to Iran which means that it is highly unlikely that they will ever return alive. Iran has also supplied the missiles that have been launched by the hundreds into Israel and it is thought that Iranian troops are actually firing the longer range missiles that have been attacking Haifa. Adding to the already mounting evidence concerning the Iranian connection is the meeting scheduled Tuesday in Teheran between the leaders of Hezbollah and Hamas to end the disagreements and competition between the two groups to present a united front and attack against Israel with an obvious Iranian backing. Though Ahmadinejad is to a great extent a puppet president in Iran the ruling Mullahs have not refuted any of his threats against Israel and have made similar threats though not as publicized or as dogmatic but threats just the same.

Iran by instigating this war has accomplished several objectives. First they have isolated Israel bringing unjustified condemnation from many countries who if in the same situation would respond in a similar manner. Second they have joined the Arab world into a united front against Israel with the exception of Iraq, Jordan and Egypt. Thirdly, with the war raging in the region Iran has succeeded in taking world and U.N. attention off of their nuclear ambitions and their defiance. Additionally the war in Iraq whose country Iran has had its sights on well before the fall of Saddam Hussein has been far more successful than they had anticipated this despite their active involvement in sponsoring and supplying the insurgency. By focusing on the destruction of Israel, Iran hopes to draw the United States into the conflict and away from Iraq in order to allow Iran an open door to set up an Iranian type theocracy and another center for Islamic terrorism. Just how far this will go remains to be seen. The escalation to this point has been continual but relatively confined to Israel and Lebanon and the border region of both countries with certain attacks further into Beirut and Haifa. If Iran is allowed to control this situation as it would seem to a very real extent they have this has the capability of erupting into a total all out war with the destruction of Israel and the total expansion of Islamic fascism as the final goal. The United States has and always will support Israel. This may be a time when the use of our military may be necessary in that support. Sending two or more Task Forces with their full compliment of air power to assist Israel and finally end the Syrian and Iranian threat may become necessary and in the long run a permanent solution to the problems in the Middle East.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Vern1966 said...

I commend your support of Israel's actions here. I read a great commentary on the subject today whose sentiments I share: Israel is doing what Bush and Cheney said they were going to do before they set thier sights on Iraqi oil -- fighting terrorism. Here here. Israel has helped show the utter incompetence of our dimwit-in-Chief.

5:55 PM, July 17, 2006  
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