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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I was thinking of prospective subjects that I would post about today and came to the realization that I was taking today off in order to celebrate my 50th birthday and that my mind was really not into what I was attempting to write. So posting will continue tomorrow as I take in reaching the big 50 ! Thanks for understanding and for visiting my blog.



Blogger MDConservative said...

A very Happy Birthday to you!

12:18 PM, July 12, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

Happy Birthday Ken. Congrats on hitting 50. Wishing you many more.

2:45 PM, July 12, 2006  
Blogger Vern1966 said...

Dude, happy day of happy happiness! I just turned 40, feel like I'm 20, move like I'm 80. Many more to you, good sir!!

4:17 PM, July 12, 2006  
Blogger stanjz said...

It wouldn't be a stretch to say the majority of people in this country believe that the ideals of Christianity and Capitalism coincide with each-other.
The most prominent evangelical leaders all dress like they are going to or coming from the academy awards. These evangelicals also seem to think there is no way to get their message out with selling religious merchandise. Don't get me wrong. I like them as people, but I am angry with them as preachers.

The vast majority of people seem to think it is ok to live in luxury while their fellow man lives in squalor. The vast majority seem to think that it is ok to hoard limitless amounts of resources in a world of limited resources.

The Bible is filled with denunciations against the rich and edification for the poor. The New Testament is especially clear on not storing treasures on earth.
The New Testament to me, is an evolution from the Old Testament. Some rules are fortified and others amended. Much like the more numerous rules and greater structure of childhood evolving into the greater freedom, but more responsible life of an adult.

The main virtue of our country espoused by our current political leaders is freedom. This is not the same freedom that Christ spoke about, which freedom from sin is. The freedom our political leaders speak of is closer to hedonism and materialism. These are vices according to Christ and there should be no confusion there.

Is there a way to open the eyes of the people to let them see that they are living their lives according to a mutations or perversions of the economic theories of Adam Smith and not Jesus Christ?

I propose that we require our presidents swear their oaths of office on The Wealth of Nations and not the Bible, if they are the principles they live their lives by. Maybe we should change the words on our money to say in Adam Smith we trust, since profit motive, competition and private property have become the ends to us and not the means.

9:51 PM, September 13, 2006  
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