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Sunday, July 30, 2006


They have attacked Haifa, Israel. They have attacked Madrid, Spain. They have attacked London, England. They have attacked Mumbia, India. They have attacked Fallujah, Iraq. They have attacked New York City and Washington DC just to mention a few. Who are they ? Some have the gaul to call them freedom fighters, while still others calmly refer to them as religious zealots who fight for their beliefs. Who are they ? They are the enemy of the free world. Islamic fanatics who have taken a religion and imposed a fascist belief that threatens anyone who does not believe exactly as they do. This includes Muslims who believe in freedom and are peaceful. Their goal is to destroy anyone and any country that does not follow their twisted belief and to kill those who they cannot convert. Those who are of the Muslim belief they offer the chance of conversion and if rejected they are killed. Those who they see as the infidel, which includes all civilized, westernized and democratized people are among those who they seek to eliminate from the face of the earth as they kill to express their murderous fanatical ideas. Israel and The United States are at the top of their list then the rest of the world follows. Death to these fanatical Islamic fascists is not only a goal but a reward for service to Allah. Life is only a means in which to inflict as much pain and death to the infidel to achieve the goal of martyrdom and rewards in the here after. They understand only death and they seek the same. There is no negotiation, no diplomacy, no amount of talk that will deter them from their goal or their fanatical idea of murder and destruction. Yet despite these undeniable facts most of the world has yet to understand or accept the truth that these Islamic fascist have declared war on the world and nothing short of their death will stop them. Much of the world still has the belief that civilized discussion will end their murderous fanatical killing spree and bring a lasting peace to the world, and especially the Middle East which is the center of this fanatical terrorism. Many still believe that imposing economic sanctions will stop their movement. Never understanding that though they use money to finance their operations and despite measures taken to eliminate financial sources which slows operations nothing material matters to them since their goal in life is to die in martyrdom while killing as many non-believers as a bomb, explosive laden vehicle or airliner will take out with them. Death is their goal and the only thing they accept. This applies to organized groups like Al Qaeda and Hezbollah as well as states like Iran. Yet still most of the world does not understand the danger nor the threat.

In the years and months that preceded WWII much of the world refused to see or accept the threat that Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy or Imperial Japan posed to the world. Though this Axis did not seek martyrdom in the same respect as an Islamic fascist they did seek world domination and used diplomatic approaches by other countries as a means to delay and deceive in order to continue their goal of domination. The world turned a blind eye to much of their conquest in the vain hope that they might talk these fascist countries into peaceful ends to their fighting. It took one catastrophic event after another before the world realized that the only diplomacy that each of these nations would understand is the diplomacy of war. The world united in the destruction and elimination of the fanatical regimes that brought the entire world to war. Without this unified approach to the destruction of the Axis and their fanatical governments each of these countries would have continued to impose their fanaticism on neighboring countries until their goal of world domination was achieved. It took a collective and massive effort by allied nations to bring about the defeat of the fanatacism of the Axis of Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and Fascist Italy.

It will take the same unified fight against Islamic terrorism that it took against the Axis of WWII to end this global threat of today. To date The United States, Great Britain, Israel, Australia and a sparten few other countries understand this. The majority of the world as in the years prior to WWII does not accept nor understand the worldwide threat that Islamic fascists fanatacism imposes. They vainly believe that talk and sanctions will control these terror groups and terror states that seek world domination through the destruction of democratic nations and freedom loving people. The battle fields are real. Israel, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq and Gaza. Yet this enemy does not only fight on a battlefield as wars of the past have been fought. They fight in the streets and avenues which surround our homes. Hiding behind innocent civilians using them as shields as they fire their rockets. Highjacking planes and flying them into buildings. Strapping bombs around their chest and boarding commuter trains then detonating and killing. Driving bomb laden vehicles into buildings or parking them at busy markets. This is why we fight and why the world must unite as in WWII to seek out and destroy this enemy of all civilization. The only lasting peace that will hold is with the elimination of terror groups and the states that sponsor and supply them. Since death is their goal then the world in a united fight should help each of them achieve their goal before they achieve their goal by the destruction of western civilization. Take the fight to the terrorist or they will continue to bring the fight to us.

Ken Taylor


Blogger MDConservative said...

Well said Ken. The only thing I can add is to elaborate a bit on your point. Their goal is death and anarchy. When you have a group that desires anarchy there is no amount of diplomacy that can subdue their actions, for any agreement will never be enough for them. And if they agree to something, they (as you point out) will only use it as a delay tactic to regroup and fight another day.

Diplomacy only works with sane people that WANT a positive outcome. When your idea of a “positive” outcome is death and the end of the west… that is simply put unacceptable.

2:35 PM, July 30, 2006  
Blogger Indigo Red said...

The analogy to NAZI Germany is very apt, but eventualy the Islamofascist threat becomes so much larger than Hitler's 3rd Reich could ever have been.

There was only one Germany, so only one NAZI Germany. All the countries Hitler conquered were just that - conquered countries, unwilling partners. The countries of Islam are united by a transnational religious text that supersedes any national boundaries. No country needs to be literally invaded and conquered for Islamic world domination to happen. A peaceful transformation from within by an ignorant or tired population is all that is needed - and time to weardown the kuffar.

To Muslims, the god, gave the entire planet to Islam. In the Islamic story, they already own all the lands and seas. All that is left is getting rid of the vermin Jews and other infidels. We've yet to get a good grasp of the entire danger that lies before us.

5:33 PM, July 30, 2006  
Blogger Vern1966 said...

Ken, as with most matters of middle eastern politics, you are greatly oversimplifying an enormously complex set of people, circumstances, and scenarios. This is one topic where I can see valid points on both sides, be it the palestinian issue, fighting terrorism, Israel in Lebanon, etc. Although all these terrorist organizations should be irradicated, doing so is impossible. So you necessarily have to dedicate a lot of energy to marginalizing them thru carefully crafted diplomacy, cooperative policing and intelligence work (think Mossad), and other things. What we have done in Iraq, and what Israel is unfortunately heading toward in Lebanon, is radicalizing the region and adding to the ranks of anti-Israeli, anti-western participation. Not good. Yeah, it would feel great to be able to storm the shores and vanquish the bad guys, but do you really think that is a feasible reality? And if so, on what planet?

5:14 PM, July 31, 2006  
Blogger Vern1966 said...

To Indigo's comments:
Nazi Germany, in your analogy, was unfortunately as successful as they were in occupying nations because of a broadly shared sentiment throughout Europe (one that is sadly still present) -- antisemitism. The holocaust was carried to such lengths because so many people turned their heads the other way, thus aiding and abetting the perpetrators (kinda like our current policy of torture). So are the Lebanese people partly responsible for the deaths of their own citizens at the hands of the Israelis because they'd done nothing to dislodge Hezbollah from their midst? Is every Muslim, at heart, capable of being radicalized due to a latent anti-semitic and anti-christian sentiment? Hmmm....

5:27 PM, July 31, 2006  
Blogger Vern1966 said...

And one more thing, Ken:
You make the common mistake, I think, of lumping the various militant factions throughout the region into one body -- "the terrorists". This is the Bush approach to the problem, and one that has done nothing but inflame tensions in the region and the world. Not good. This is like a doctor treating all his sick patients as if they had one illness -- "the disease". This is unrealistic, impractical, and ultimately counterproductive and dangerous. Unfortunately, it makes for good soundbytes at election time, which is all most people can get their brains around. The reality is much more complicated. Why is it, if they all have the same agenda, that Hamas, Hezbollah, the PLO, Al Queda, to name the major players, are not unified? The answer is that, although they have things in common, they also have important differences -- ones that foreign policy makers with a modicum of competence are able to carefully manipulate. No, not always without some flare-ups (USS Cole, the American Embassy in Lebanon, 9/11). But the alternative of global relegious war is too costly to want to hasten.

5:38 PM, July 31, 2006  
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