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Sunday, July 23, 2006


Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is visiting Israel to discuss the conflict that is raging between Israel, Hezbollah, Hamas and for all intents and purposes Iran and Syrian since they have instigated this war by their control over Lebanon and the terrorist groups as well as their financing and weapons provision. Her mission as stated very plainly is NOT to demand or even discuss a cease fire though the United Nations and much of the world is crying for a secession of hostilities. Secretary Rice referred to a cease fire as a , "broken promise, " and a "return to the status quo." She of course represents the official policy of The United States. Thank God that someone understands that a cease fire is an effort in total futility and does nothing except embolden the terrorists and give them time to re-group and re-arm. Negotiation and attempting to reason with the terrorist mind which does not follow any logical reasoning only a fanatical mind set that views everything through one perspective is doomed to failure because they have only one objective. Kill anyone and anything that disagrees with their Islamic fascism and especially if directed toward Israel and The United States. Cease fire after cease fire in this region between Israel and its neighbors that harbor terrorist organizations has failed and never resulted in succeeding in accomplishing anything except causing Israel to constantly give in order to appease those who have come to broker peace on behalf of those involved in the fighting. In nearly every instance where Israel and the Palestinians or other factions in the region have sat at the negotiating table at the secession of hostilities, Israel has bent over backwards to attempt a peaceful solution only to be stabbed in the back and watch terror attacks kill innocent Israelis. Then when Israel responds to the death of Israeli citizens condemnation pours on Israel and pity for those who killed Israelis. The time to face absolute facts is now. Diplomacy never has nor ever will succeed with terrorist states such as Iran and Syria nor will it succeed with terrorist groups which includes Hezbollah, Hamas and Al Qaeda. Many try to argue that since Hezbollah and Hamas are elected entities in recognized governments it now changes the situation since they are now a political party representing a government. Elections do not change the stripes of a terrorist. Being elected to a parliament only adds a legalized platform from which to continue illegal and immoral acts of terrorism but does not change the premise or the fact that terrorists do not honor any negotiated , "peace, " or cease fire. In their one view mind negotiation and a secession of fighting are only signs of weakness by their enemy and victory for their cause which further emboldens them to fight.

Many on the left in this country have used this war against Israel and the Untied States stand against a cease fire as an opportunity to lash out against Israel and against the Bush administration accusing the President of causing this war by his Middle East policy and of course the conflict in Iraq. The fact that this situation with Israel and its terror sponsoring neighbors has been an on going problem for fifty years seems to matter little to those who take every opportunity to accuse the President and condemn Israel. One Democrat Senator actually stated on one of the talking head shows that the, "age of diplomacy, " from 1967 to the election of George W. Bush which this Senator claimed was the end of the, "golden age" was a time to return to. Well let's look at just a few of the diplomatic failures that have taken place during this so called, "golden age of diplomacy, " with terrorism. During this time Al Qaeda was formed and developed into an organization with the capability to organize and carry out 9/11. The Iranian hostage crises during the Carter administration took place during this, "golden age." The attack on the U.S. embassy in Beirut took place. Israel has been attacked thousands of times before, during and after numerous acts of diplomacy even when leaders of terrorist groups were greeted in The United States as great world figures, ( I refer to Yassar Arafat), and sat down and signed diplomatic negotiated peace agreements only to immediately violate them upon return home. The USS Cole was bombed. The World Trade Center was attacked in 1993. Iran time and again while talking through diplomatic channels of peace developed and sponsored groups like Hezbollah and Hamas. Syria invaded and controlled Lebanon until sent packing last year yet still with Iran influences their government and leaders. Yes this sounds very much like a , "golden age of diplomacy." Diplomacy that failed even as the diplomatic overtures were being performed. I have only touched on a few of the hundreds of events that occurred during this diplomatic age. This problem has been constant long before Bush and Israel has been the recipient of much of the fighting.

The bottom line is that one cannot negotiate, cannot create a cease fire, cannot appease in any way a terrorist. Whether a terrorist state or a terrorist organization. Israel realizes this and that is why they have stated that this war will continue until Hezbollah is destroyed. A cease fire is doomed to failure before it can begin. Evidence this by the cease fire that was proclaimed on the second front that Israel is facing in the Gaza Strip against Hamas. On Saturday, (7 /21/06) Palestinian leaders assured Israel and the world that Hamas was agreeing to a cease fire. Israel stopped firing at targets in Gaza City that were taking out Hamas strong holds and headquarters. This , "cease fire, " lasted four hours as Hamas began firing missiles from civilian areas into Israel. These terrorists hide behind civilians so the world will condemn Israel for civilian casualties. They target civilians thus killing innocent Israelis to further their plans to destroy Israel. The answer to ending terrorism is the answer that Israel is showing the world. Kill the terrorist before they can kill you. Destroy their capabilities before they can use them to kill. Destroy their means of communication with each other and spreading their fascist propaganda. Destroy their means of transportation and reception of material. Then finally seek out and destroy those who are fighting wherever they may hide. May Israel succeed where diplomacy has failed and may we follow Israel's example in the defeat of terrorism.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Vern1966 said...

I'm a big supporter of Israel, but I do think they are robbing Peter to pay Paul, so to speak. While they are right in taking the fight to Hezbollah, they are turning support against them by detroying Lebonese infrastructure, civic structure, etc. Yes, this infrastructure can be utilized by the enemy, but a "scorched earth" approach is going to lose what little support they might have in the region and in the international community. Not smart.

7:02 PM, July 24, 2006  
Blogger Vern1966 said...

I just re-read this, and boy, does it seem dumber than the first time! You know, the sad reality of the world, kids, is that there is no riding in on horseback over the horizon to save the fair lady in distress and restore peace and tranquility in the valley. Terrorism, insurgency, fanaticism, violent opposition to the consolidation of wealth and power, are ideas that have been around forever and will continue to persist in one form or another. It isn't something you can pounce upon and irradicate. It's rather like dealing with cockroaches. You don't burn down the whole damn house to try to get rid of them, although theoretically that might work. You bait here, you trap there, you do the occassional squishing, and you try to keep your place clean. But it's always some work to minimize their presence without trashing the place. That's what Kerry meant by reducing terrorism to "a nuisance". And it makes sense. We will always have it. But dealing with it unwisely only stokes the coals that give rise to the flames of terrorism. Dealing with it intelligently, with a combination of surgical military force, international policing and intelligence cooperation, diplomatic tact, and the pursuit of civil and economic justice, has been much more effective despite the instances you cite in keeping the world relatively peaceful. You don't need to look any further back than the last six years to see the effect that total foreign policy ineptitude on our part can have on the world.

11:47 AM, July 28, 2006  
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