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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


This is NOT referring to the Hildabeast AS a terror which we all know is true but her record ON terror. The Republican front runner in the New York Senate race touted to possibly take over the challengers spot with the withdraw of Jeanine Pirro is former Yonkers Mayor and Vietnam combat vet John Spencer. Although I am glad to see someone finally showing the backbone to challenge the Hildabeast and her record on terror, his approach will most likely fail. He is stating the little spoken truth that while her husband was President, the Hildabeast was in actuality the co-President in many respects. Therefore his challenge to her terror record is actually a challenge to the Clinton administration's failed policy on terror. Touting the first World Trade Center bombing, the USS Cole and several other attacks that occurred while the Hildabeast was First Lady, (lady, now that's a stretch), and stating that 9/11 did not happen, "over night, "Spencer said in a Newsmax interview, "There was a build-up to that day throughout the 1990s." Spencer says he will pull no punches over the Clinton's failure during the 90's in addressing terror. While his stance states the truth and is something that needs to be said, I doubt whether this approach will gain many votes in a Senatorial race when the people of New York, though concerned about terror, will not rally to Spencer for stating Clinton administration shortcomings. The Hildabeast's record in the Senate has enough failures and holes in it to run a successful opposition campaign and will play better to the voters in New York. I wish him the best and hope that I am wrong in my assessment, but I don't believe so! The Hildabeast Watch continues.

Ken Taylor


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