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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Thinking that the recent political games that the Democrats have played to hinder the President and the war and frankly threaten the safety of the nation have given the left an advantage going into the 2006 election year and the mid-terms, New York's junior Senator, Chuck Schumer is preparing the party for a take over of the majority in the House and Senate. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid states that Schumer has been their key strategist throughout 2005 and will retain the role in 06. Hmm, I've been wondering who was the lunatic that developed the liberal strategy for defeatism, aiding the enemy and political destruction of a President during a time of war ? Now we know. If Schumers strategy has been so successful then Why has it not shown in the poles. The most recent poles have shown gains for the President and the Congress is continually falling. Even though the Republicans hold the majority, I believe that most of the reason that the Congress is falling in popularity as the President gains is because the liberal press runs to the Democratic leadership whenever they seek an interview and their agenda is all that the press reports. Most Americans are not politically savvy therefore it occurs to me that the belief throughout most of the country is that the left is in charge and their destructive agenda and continual bashing of the President and the troops has given the country a very low opinion of the Congress, which of course is beneficial to Republicans in the 2006 mid-terms. Schumer may believe that the left has the upper hand and if one keeps their nose only inside the beltway as most of Congress in BOTH parties do then it may seem so. But the pulse of the nation is conservative and this too benefits Republicans in 2006. The Republican majority has, thank God, begun listening to the voice of the people and the 2006 agenda for the President and the majority is reflecting that. So the left will continue with their fabricated attacks and continue to live in the fantasy that they speak for the American people and once again find themselves continuing in the minority and losing yet another election. Keep up the good work Senator Schumer!

Ken Taylor


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