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Thursday, September 15, 2005


Throughout the day yesterday and also on Tuesday one of the top stories in the news was that Louisiana Governor Kathleen, "Let My People Die", Blanco was lamblasting FEMA and the President for not recovering the bodies in New Orleans quick enough. This despite the fact that when FEMA, (who is normally NOT responsible for this terrible task), offered to help with the recovery, the Governor's office turned them down and then proceeded to complain that the Feds were not helping! Well yesterday evening her tone changed when she spoke to the state legislature and took, "full responsibility, " for the Louisiana evacuation and recovery fiasco. Now why would this corrupt Democrat bureaucrat suddenly accept responsibility when just the day before she had played the blame game and in the few days after the storm went on the whining circuit to complain about how the Feds were not there and her people were suffering as a result. Well in between television interviews the hapless Governor was having a discussion with her press secretary and did not realize that her mike was still on and admitted that she blew it! "I really should have called for the military," she was heard to say, "I really should have started that in the FIRST call !" Prior to this accidental admittance of her blunder Blanco had been steadfast in her condemnation of the President then after this revelation went public in her home state the liberal Governor had nothing but praise for the President, "I want the people of Louisiana to know that we have a friend and a partner in President George W. Bush. I thank you, Mr. President." It is absolutely amazing how the truth finally comes out and how a liberal Democrat always blames someone else for their blunders.....that is until they are caught ! The transcript of her accidental admittance should be the lead sentence in her impeachment papers. Let's hope that this Governor is in her final days and that the corruption under Democrat leadership that has ruled the state of Louisiana for 60 years, since the days of Huey Long which is being revealed in the aftermath of Katrina will come to an end. But alas corrupt Democrats have a way of rebounding and running for the Senate in New York and cruising the world to get millions for speaking and building a legacy of lies......oh sorry wrong Democrats but same idea!

Ken Taylor


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