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Monday, September 12, 2005


This has to be the epitome of the inept way that the evacuation and recovery was handled preceding and in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Doctors in a hospital in the New Orleans area injected patients with high doses of morphine to, "put them down" because they could not get the means to evacuate these patients ! I have heard the phrase, "put them down," used for animals but never for a human being. Euthanasia is illegal in Louisiana yet these doctors felt that this was their only option while the Mayor and the Governor were whining on television about how no one was helping. These patients should have been a priority of the city and the state even if the incompetent Mayor and Governor had to leave their comfortable surroundings and personally assist in this evacuation! This is absolutely tadamount to murder by the local officials who left medical personnel with what they believed was their only option. This while more than a thousand buses were left to the flood waters. Buses that BEFORE the storm hit could have been used for medical and individual evacuations. I am sick of listening to Mary Landrieu the moronic Democrat Senator from Louisiana defend this lack of preparedness by her state and from her own family members, (the Lt. Governor is her brother), and continue to blame the Bush administration and the Federal response. The key word here is RESPONSE ! The Feds respond to a disaster AFTER the Governor requests assistance. The sole responsibility of evacuation of all citizens falls in the lap of city, county and state officials. This incident with the patients re-emphasizes the absolutely criminal actions, or should I say lack of action on the part of Mayor Nagin, and Governor Blanco. People are not left to be , "put down," unless you live in Louisiana. I'm sure that somewhere down the line before all of this of over and this story begins to leak out further that someone will say that the President hates senior citizens and personally called the doctors and ordered them to, "put down, " these patients. This is just as absurd as the charges of race causing the, "slow" government response. Well let's put the ball now in the court where it truly lies. The Governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans hate African- Americans and the elderly for their inept lack of planning and response after the storm caused the murder of these patients and the suffering in New Orleans. Take that liberals and see how the TRUTH sets with you!

Ken Taylor

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