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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


From day one the blame game has been played by everyone involved and not involved with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina with one exception....President Bush. Throughout this catastrophe he has been the voice of encouragement and optimism and has continually stated that finger pointing does not solve the problem and the victims of this storm and taking care of their recovery was most important. The left has continually claimed that the President was at fault and many African - Americans have leveled the race card toward him. From the beginning he has as he has throughout his Presidency displayed the true traits of a good leader. Today is no different. The last man to actually carry blame for the debacle that has taken place during the recovery now says as Harry Truman said, "the buck stops here!" The President today took responsibility for the short comings of the Federal response to Hurricane Katrina, stating that, "Katrina exposed serious problems in our response capability at all levels of government. To the extent that the Federal Government didn't fully do its job, I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY." Even as failures were revealed by many levels from the City of New Orleans through the State of Louisiana and FEMA the President accepted the blame and I would hope shutting the trap of his critics who wish his destruction and who seem to be rejoicing in the misery that is taking place on the Gulf Coast in order to take political advantage of the President. This recovery has crossed all political, financial and racial barriers for Democrats and Republicans, rich and poor and ALL ethnicities have suffered yet to listen to the left, President Bush and the Republicans are to blame for the storm and the suffering of the poor and black in the aftermath. All of this of course is ludicrous and still the true leadership of the President shines as he takes responsibility. As we conservatives all know this will not stop the left. Rather than recognize true leadership they will jump on this as admitting that Bush is a failure and unfit for office, a claim they have tried to make since 2000. Just as he has done in the past the President will rise above the criticism and continue to do the job that we have elected him to do. Yes there are policies and decisions that I have disagreed with but President Bush has proven time and again that he is a true leader who not only has turned this country around from the destruction of the Clinton years but despite the most bitter hatred by an opposing party toward an elected official Bush stands tall in the face of his opposition and gets the job done for the greater good of the nation and the American people.

Ken Taylor


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